Yates County Legislature meets Dec. 29

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The Chronicle Express

The Yates County Legislature will meet at 1 p.m. Dec. 29 in the Legislative Chambers at the County Office Complex for the year end meeting.

The agenda includes:

Approve minutes of the December 12th meeting

Public Comments



464-11    2011 Budget Transfers

465-11    Reduce 2010-2011 New York State Department Of Labor Grant (Personnel)

466-11    Appropriate 2011-2012 New York State Department Of Labor Grant (Personnel)

467-11    Appropriate Donations For Youth Bureau

468-11   Appropriate Communication Upgrade Project Funds

469-11   Appropriate Building Project Funds

470-11   Reverse 2010 Reserve For Encumbrances

471-11   Appropriate Summer Youth Employment Funding (DSS)


472-11    Workforce Development Budget Transfer

473-11    Workforce Development Budget Transfer

 474-11   Workforce Development Budget Transfer


475-11   Abolish Positions Not Funded In 2012 County Budget

476-11   Adopt 2012 Employee Benefits For Non-Union Personnel

477-11   Adopt 2012 Non-Union Salary Schedule

478-11   Adopt 2012 Hourly Salary Schedule

479-11   Authorize Chairman To Sign Renewal Contract With Family Counseling Service Of The Finger Lakes, Inc. For CSEA And Non-Union EAP Services

480-11   Grant Paid Leave Of Absence Extension (Chapman)

481-11    Authorize Treasurer To Make Payment (CorVel Corporation)

482-11   Amend 2011 Hourly Salary Schedule (No. 24-11)

483-11  Authorize Chairman To Renew Contract (ExtraDev)