Clinton Street site to house audio shop, more

Staff Writer
The Chronicle Express
The former filling station on Clinton St. at the Penn Yan village limits is being renovated to house a variety of businesses.

The Yates County Planning Board approved Floyd (Bucky) and Dale Lane's plans to renovate and reuse the former Weaver's Clinton Street Mobil gas station that has sat derelict for a number of years, but with two reservations.

In their application for a use variance in a residential zone, Lanes are seeking approval to use the site as a car audio shop with Todd's Car & Home Audio as tenant, a used car lot for no more than eight cars at a time, a portable farm market under the existing pump canopy, an automatic car wash as in years past, and an auto detailing shop. They also asked for an area variance to reuse the existing lighted sign.

In a combined motion, the board approved all but the used car lot and the lighted sign.

Torrey representative David Granzin voted against the motion because he believes the used car lot was acceptable along with the other uses, given that there are other such lots in similar locations in the village.

Barrington representative Marion Louden voted no on all the uses, believing them too intrusive on the residential zone.

According to County Planner Shawna Bonshak, the gasoline pumps are going to be removed soon, and there is an active spill at the former service station that will be cleaned up in the spring.

In a later interview, Dale Lane said the building has been gutted and renovated, a new pitched roof is complete, and Todd's Audio is ready to move into the building immediately, saying that neither the spill nor the cleanup will prevent the business from operating. He clarified that the used car lot would not be a traditional dealer, but a park-and-sell lot like his in Torrey or one operated by Neil Simmons in Bluff Point. As for the auto detailing and car wash, Lane states that there are no immediate plans to have such a business, but they were seeking approval for future potential uses.

At Monday's meeting of the Penn Yan Zoning Board of Appeals, the board voted down the car lot and reuse of the lighted sign.

Other YCPB action at the Jan. 24 meeting (all unanimous unless otherwise noted):

• Torrey Subdivisions – After Granzin explained the delay for concerns of the town's planning board and attorney, the Town of Torrey's proposed law on subdivisions was approved.

• Adult Entertainment Moratorium – According to Bonshak, the Town of Milo is imposing a six-month moratorium on adult entertainment businesses because several residents objected to the location of the adult entertainment zone the town chose. Vice Chairman Chuck Mitchell stated that many residents don't seem to understand that these adult entertainment zones are mandated by the state, and that the action of the towns is meant to restrict rather than encourage such businesses. Approved.

• Milo Comprehensive Plan – Approved, with Granzin's stipulation that some wording be clarified and corrected before passage.