Yates Co. Legislature meets Monday at 6 p.m.

Staff Writer
The Chronicle Express

The Yates County Legislature will meet at 6 p.m. Aug. 12 in the Legislative Chambers of the County Office Building, 417 Liberty St., Penn Yan.

There will be a special meeting of the legislature at 5 p.m. in the Executive Session Room. The purpose of this meeting is to discuss a legal matter and will be held in executive session.

The regular meeting agenda includes presentations by David Strickland on 4-H programs and Yates County District Attorney Jason Cook, a public hearing on the proposed local law 3-13 to override the tax levy limit established by state law, presentation of the Distinguished Youth Award and the following resolutions:


244-13 Recognize Yates County Distinguished Youth Award Recipient


245-13 Extend Resolution 186-13 (Temporary Correction Officer Position)

246-13 Accept New Patrol Vessel And Designate Older As Surplus Property

247-13 Authorize Chairman To Sign Instructor Contract


248-13 2013 Budget Transfer

249-13 Appropriate Additional State Aid (Public Health)

250-13 Appropriate Additional State Aid (Public Health)

251-13 Authorize Chairman To Sign Proposal For Financial Consulting Services

252-13 Approval Of Correction Of Error – 2013 Workers' Compensation Apportionment Schedule

253-13 Authorize Chairman To Execute Federal Grant Agreement And Related Documents

254-13 Authorize Chairman To Execute Consultant Agreement With Passero Associates

255-13 Authorize Chairman To Execute Agreement With Dolomite Products Company (dba A.L. Blades)

256-13 Resolution To Accept The Proposed Boundary Changes To The Census Bureau's Urban Area Map

257-13 State Environmental Quality Review Associated With The Yates County Open Access Fiber Network


258-13 Rescind Resolutions 266-12 And Declare Surplus Property

259-13 Authorize DSS Commissioner To Fill Position (Adult Protective Caseworker)

260-13 Authorize DSS Commissioner To Fill Position (Children's Services Caseworker)

261-12 Amend 2013 Contract With Lakeview Mental Health Services

262-13 Adopt Sliding Fee Schedules

263-13 Sign Agreement With Durham School Services For Transportation Services

264-13 Agreement With Margaret Brinn, RN

265-13 Authorize Chairman To Sign Agreement With New York State Department Of Health For The Preliminary Escrow Payment (PEP) To Early Intervention Providers

266-13Workforce Development Budget Transfer


267-13 Adopt Local Law No. 3-13