Yates County Fire, EMS Volunteers honored for training and service

Gwen Chamberlain
Award winners at the Yates County Emergency Services graduation banquet were (from left) front: Sandra Federico, Debra Westfall, Diane Warriner; back: Ray Miller, Dan Petersen, Rick Simpson, Jim Moore and Deb Webster. For more photos from the evening, visit www.Chronicle-Express.com

Volunteers who devote thousands of hours of service and training to their Yates County communities were honored April 11 at the annual Yates County Emergency Services graduation banquet, where they celebrated a total of 8,484 hours of training by 710 students in 2013.


• Roger Ribble Sr. Award: Dan Petersen, Past Chief of the Dundee Fire Department.

This award is presented in memory of Roger Ribble, and recognizes dedication to the fire service; personal conviction to support the right decision, even if it might not be the popular decision; an interest in passing on the fire department traditions; and an interest in sharing their knowledge of fire department operations on to the next generation of firefighters.

Petersen has been a member of the Dundee department since the late 1970s, and has been involved in many aspects of the department over the years: using his electrical expertise to repair and upgrade the Dundee station, take charge of radios and pagers, and as supervisor of rope, ice and swift water rescue teams. He was named Fire fighter of the Year in 2003 and has served as assistant chief, deputy chief, and chief. He has also served on the department’s new truck committee.

• H. Robert Hathaway Officer of the Year Award: Richard Simpson Sr., Past Chief of the Penn Yan Fire Department. Presenting the award, Branchport/Keuka Park Chief Sandy Bates said Simpson has been involved in the fire service for 25 years, and has held every line officer post — lieutenant, captain, assistant chief, and chief.

• Fireman of the Year: Raymond Miller Jr., Dundee Fire Department. Miller has been with the Dundee Fire Department for over 58 years. He has been selected as the Dundee Fire Department Firefighter of the year six times and has served as the department’s chief seven times. This year’s nomination by Dundee Chief David Bambey was based on Miller’s service as chairman of the New Truck Committee.

• Gary Garverick Leadership Award: Deb Webster, Himrod Fire Department First Responder. This award recognizes someone who shares Gary’s passion in emergency services, his compassion for mankind and community and his dedication to his vision. Webster was a founding member of the Himrod First Responders after being a member of the Women’s Auxiliary since 1980. She has been honored by the Himrod Department in in 1991, 1996, 2000, 2004, 2006, and 2010.

• EMS Provider of the Year: Diane Warriner of the Dundee Fire Department Emergency Squad. This award is presented to someone who displays exceptional skills as an EMS provider, showing compassion, professional behavior and integrity. Warriner has been a member of the Dundee Fire Department Emergency Squad since 1998. “Diane Warriner deserves consideration for the EMS provider of the Year Award for her astonishing amount of time on calls, continued improvement and development as a medical provider, dedication to our squad, and significant contributions and impact to both the Dundee Emergency Squad as well as anyone with whom she has contact in the field,” wrote Bambey in his nomination. He said she builds a rapport with patients and family members to ease anxiety during a call.

• John P. Woods Individual Fire Training Award: Debra Westfall, Himrod Fire Department, 174 hours. The award was presented by Vicky Lombardozzi and Debbie Tice, daughters of the late John Woods, one of the founders of the Yates County Fire Investigation Team and a devoted member of the Hydrant Hose Company in Penn Yan.

Other top fire training hours were logged by: Kelsey Broome, Penn Yan, 162 hours; Richard Lee Fritz, Dundee, 152 hours; Lynnford Hoover, Himrod, 144 hours; Tabitha Haesche, Himrod, 132 hours; Kathleen Sworts, Dundee, 123 hours; Chris Warriner, Branchport/Keuka Park, 120 hours; Mathew Zeiset, Benton, 117 hours; Henry Horning, Potter, 115 hours; Brandon Martin, Benton, 109 hours.

• Individual EMS Training Award: Sandra Federico, Rushville Fire and James Moore, Dundee Ambulance, and Karen Trautman, Dresden Fire, all with 170 hours. Other top EMS training hours were logged by: Brian Champlain, Penn Yan Areva Volunteer Ambulance Corps; Nancy Oppel, Branchport/Keuka Park, 73 hours; Dianne Warriner, and Sheree LaMountain, both from Dundee Ambulance; Debra Westfall, Tabitha Haesche, and Leanna Haesche of Himrod, Zack Benedict and Tim Benedict, Branchport/Keuka Park, 61 hours; Kathleen Sworts Dundee Ambulance, 53 hours; Daniel Gottshall, Dundee Ambulance, 51 hours; Donald Austin, Dundee Ambulance, and Rebekah Donovan of Potter, 49 hours; Rachel Stoltzfus, Potter, 47 hours; and Beth Fahnestock, PYAVAC, 45 hours.

• Combined Fire and EMS Training top five: Debra Westfall, Himrod, 235 hours; Sandra Federico, Rushville, 212 hours, Tabitha Haesche, Himrod, 193 hours; James Moore, Dundee Fire/Ambulance, 187 hours; Kathleen Sworts, Dundee Ambulance, 176 hours.

• Length of Service: Kevin Powers of Geneva was honored by the Yates County Fire Chiefs Association for his 50 years of service as an assistant chief in the Geneva Fire Department.

Training Hours by Department: Bellona, 131; Benton, 806; Branchport/Keuka Park, 1,732; Dresden 702, Dundee 1,577; Himrod 1,185; Middlesex, 353; Penn Yan 926; Potter, 869; Rushville, 298.

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