2020 group receives grant for plan

Staff Writer
The Chronicle Express
Members of the 2020 Steering Committee recently met with Rochester designers to consider the next steps in area planning.

To help the Village of Penn Yan develop a comprehensive vision plan for its future, the Greater Rochester Association of Realtors (GRAR) obtained a $15,000 grant for the Penn Yan 2020 Vision Plan from the National Association of Realtors “Smart Growth” program.

Brian Zerges, who spearheaded the grant application, says the GRAR is proud to partner with the Penn Yan 2020 Vision Steering Committee and the Rochester Regional Community Design Center (RRCDC) to develop this plan for the improvement of Penn Yan and the surrounding areas.

The Finger Lakes is becoming an increasingly popular vacation destination. In the summer and during wine-touring season, thousands of vacationers, tourists, outdoor adventure seekers and wine enthusiasts visit year after year. As with many small villages in Upstate New York, there are challenges amid the activity: sprawl development is threatening the economic vibrancy of Penn Yan and the appearance of the village’s core.

With the benefit of its recent experience on a similar project in Lima, GRAR is ready to help other communities within its jurisdiction to work on smart growth plans for long-range development.

This Vision Plan will help to guide the future development of Penn Yan in a more desirable, healthy, and sustainable manner.

The Vision Plan for Penn Yan will address these important community improvement areas: waterfront development; the downtown core; housing and mixed use development; new commercial and community development; architectural and environmental design guidelines; transportation and related connections; community gateways and signage, among others.

The RRCDC will be the professional organization that will create the Vision Plan document and will actively work with the 2020 Vision Committee, and the civic leaders of Penn Yan to insure an inclusive plan.

This plan will include ideas to discourage sprawl development, encourage growth within the village core, promote smart growth and walk-ability, making Penn Yan more sustainable for its future.