Waterfront Inn delayed

John Christensen
The site where the Hampton Inn will be built.

Construction of the Hampton Inn planned for Keuka Lake at Penn Yan has been postponed until next year, says Chris Iversen, the developer of the project. The delay is connected to new information about soil conditions that will require deeper pilings, and the process of reviewing the final construction plans.

The Penn Yan Village Board agreed in April to consult with an outside firm, T.Y. Lin International, to review plans for two hotel projects, including Iversen’s to ensure compliance with state building codes. Village Code Enforcement Officer Bruce Lyon says T.Y. Lin International will move the projects along more quickly than he would be able to.

T.Y. Lin’s review of the plan for the 72-room Hampton Inn will be separate from the site plan review process, which Lyon expects to continue soon. The footprint for the hotel has been approved by the planning board, but other segments of the site plan still need planning board approval.

There is also an added cost of more site preparation that was not anticipated. “We discovered soft materials below the site that will require deeper pilings than we expected,” says Iversen.

Iversen says delays have pushed the construction dates beyond the point on the timeline where the Hampton Inn would be open for the 2015 season. Waiting for the final plan approval has also delayed final financing of the project. “Deposits collected for the investors were based upon that original timeline,” says Iversen. With that timeline no longer valid, the deposits were returned, says Iversen.

The delay is similar to what Iversen experienced when constructing the Ramada Hotel on Seneca Lake at Geneva he says.

“This is not a roadblock, just a hurdle,” Iversen says, adding he is “very confident” in the completion of the project, and expects the Hampton Inn to be operational by the spring of 2016, if not earlier.

Penn Yan Mayor Leigh MacKerchar says the delay in construction will not alter the village’s improvements to Lake and Mace Streets as well as water and sewer line construction, though repairs needed from the recent flood might mean they will take a little longer.

MacKerchar echoed Iversen’s confidence in the completion of the Hampton Inn hotel project and looks forward to it.