May flood damage exceeds threshold for federal aid

Staff Writer
The Chronicle Express
The second wave of flooding on May 16 in Penn Yan.

Tom Reed announced Thursday that area counties affected by severe flooding last month exceed the New York State threshold of $26.9 million for federal assistance and is calling on Gov. Andrew Cuomo to make the request for aid to help recover from flooding damages.

“Our office received word today that counties in the Southern Tier and Finger Lakes have exceeded the state threshold for federal assistance,” Reed said. “Now is the time for Governor Cuomo to care for communities suffering from severe damages. The area shouldn’t have to wait any longer for help to rebuild.”

Reed’s staff has been on the ground meeting with FEMA all around the district surveying the damage and helping all affected counties through the process of documenting damages.

In order for the affected counties to qualify for federal funds, the Governor must first make a formal request for federal funds to the President of the United States. Once the Governor requests federal disaster assistance, the President will make a decision, with direction from FEMA, on whether a Presidential determination is warranted. Without a request from the Governor, New York will not receive federal disaster aid from FEMA for the recently affected counties for the storms in May.