Village needs new road before fixing old streets

Gwen Chamberlain
Willow Road, from Himrod Road to the Penn Yan Sewage Treatment Plant, is under construction now. When it is complete, residents of Franklin Street should see less heavy truck traffic.

A group of village residents who live in the Franklin Street, Sherman Street, and Kennedy Avenue neighborhood have presented a petition seeking repairs to the streets.

Erving Schroeder of Kennedy Avenue said residents of the area have been waiting for repairs for some time, and although he understands the extra work that the village street department has to do following the flood, they are becoming impatient.

Bill Jensen, Assistant Director of Public Works, explained that the village is developing Willow Road, a new road leading from Himrod Road to the Waste Water Treatment plant. The plan is for that road to be available for neighborhood residents to use when their streets are under construction.

Jensen said an engineering firm has been hired to design improved Franklin and Sherman Streets, widening them both and adding improved drainage systems.

Trustee Willie Allison, chair of the Public Works Committee, said the village has been working on establishing Willow Road for six years, and noted improvements to the other streets can’t be done until it is complete. “If we tear up Franklin Street, the road will be blocked off and you won’t be able to get in or out,” he said.

Jensen said crews are working on the base of Willow Road now, but the final top layer of pavement may not be completed until next spring.

He also noted village officials realize residents are coping with increased truck traffic due to construction at the village waste water treatment plant. Completion of that project and the completion of Willow Road will eliminate or reduce the truck traffic on Franklin Street, said Jensen.

Allison said once the improvements are complete on Franklin and Sherman Streets, village officials may post those streets to prohibit truck traffic. Jensen said he will take another look at the streets now to see if there are any steps that can be taken to mediate the problems residents are concerned about.

In related business, Jensen reported the waste water treatment plant project is “moving along,” but has been hampered by weather issues.

Other business on the board’s Aug. 19 agenda included:

• WEAPONS: The board approved the purchase of new weapons (hand guns and three long guns) from Atlantic Tactical for $5,471.14. Chief Mark Hulse said the agreement includes turning in the old weapons.

• RETIREMENT: The board accepted the Aug. 26 retirement of Inv. Michael Donovan. Hulse said there is a Civil Service list of eligible applicants, but no decision has been made about filling the post.

• PART TIME POSITION: The board established a part time police officer position. Hulse says this position will be filled by Donovan, who will likely be called upon for court appearances.

• PLANNING & DEVELOPMENT: Trustee David Reeve, chair of the Planning and Development Committee, said the Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee is putting together a calendar for meetings with stakeholders and planning a public meeting.

• HOMECOMING PARADE: The board approved the annual Penn Yan Academy Homecoming Parade at 11 a.m. Sept. 13 on Keuka, Elm and Liberty Streets.