Keuka Outlet Development Project calls for 41 units

Gwen Chamberlain

The Penn Yan Village Planning Board has given tacit approval to the Keuka Outlet Development proposal to build 41 condominium units on the former Penn Yan Marine site adjacent to the Keuka Outlet.

Keuka Outlet Development owner Chris Iversen and Ryan Destro of BME Associates met with the board Monday to review a concept plan for the development.

Iversen explained the purpose for presenting the plans at this stage was to determine if the planning board would support the plan. He said if it’s not a plan the board would support, he’d love to know now, before he purchases the property.

He pointed out that his plan calls for significantly fewer units than a previous plan, which included over 100 units plus commercial space.

“You may be aware we were selected by the county as the preferred developer for this property,” he said, explaining this plan maximizes the marketable density while maintaining access to the water, green space and walkways.

He said county officials seemed to prefer a plan with more units to increase the tax base, and said if the Penn Yan community wishes higher density, he would likely back away from the deal. “We’re proposing a small, walkable neighborhood,” he said.

At the beginning of the meeting, Planning Board Chairman Cliff Orr explained the board’s discussion of the proposed project was informal and unofficial.

Destro said KOD received a letter from the State Historic Preservation Office noting that an archeological study of the site will be required.

One of the issues discussed was that there is only one street leading into the main portion of the development on the northeast side of the bridge crossing Kimball’s brook. Thirty-five of the 41 units lie on that side of the brook, so if something happened to the bridge or the street from Hicks Street, emergency vehicles might not be able to get to the residences.

Brent Bodine suggested a trail being planned for village property where underground utilities will be installed along the outlet could be made large enough for emergency use.

The development also includes a club house and marina with 24 boat slips for use by residents only. It also includes a walking path that could eventually be part of the Keuka Outlet Trail.

A proposal for the payment in lieu of taxes agreement for the project will be the subject of a public hearing at 9 a.m. Oct. 21 at the Milo Town Hall.

Iversen says the PILOT agreement will be structured so that when a unit is sold, it will immediately go on the tax roll.