Group plans protest at site of proposed natural gas storage facility

Staff Writer
The Chronicle Express

Gas Free Seneca is planning a protest at 10 a.m. Friday Oct. 24 at the Route 14, Town of Reading site where Crestwood Midstream is planning to develop a storage facility for natural gas.

Last month, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission granted approval for:

• construction of approximately 500 feet of pipeline (170 feet of 16-inch diameter and 330 feet of 8-inch diameter pipeline) and related facilities connecting the Gallery 2 injection/withdrawal wells 30A and 31A to Arlington’s existing Seneca Lake Storage Project 16-inch diameter pipeline;

• installation of a 400 horsepower (hp) electric motor-driven compressor, near the Gallery 2 wellheads, to be used for gas injections during the debrining process and to achieve the Gallery 2 MAOP on injections once the caverns are placed into natural gas storage service;

• use of recompleted Well No. 45 in the debrining operation, and for monitoring once in operation;

• construction and later removal of temporary facilities, consisting of a 75 hp brine pump and brine pipelines, to be used to debrine the caverns during the conversion process;

• installation of electric and instrument air lines connecting the Gallery 2 caverns to the Seneca Lake Storage Project compressor station; and

• plugging and abandonment of two existing wells (Well Nos. 30 and 31) formerly used in operation of the Gallery 2 caverns in brine production and propane storage service.

Another project planned for the site — to develop a storage and distribution facility for LP gas — has yet to be approved by the State Department of Environmental Conservation.

Protesters intend to block Crestwood’s gate with their bodies as a measure of last resort after pursuing every avenue possible to stop this misbegotten project and after being thwarted by an unacceptable process and denial of science.

Speakers will include Lou Damiani, owner of Damiani Wine Cellars; Will Ouweleen, co-owner of the O-Neh-Da and Eagle Crest Vineyards; Michael Warren Thomas, host of New York radio show ‘The Grapevine;’ and former Schuyler County legislator Bob Fitzsimmons.