Dundee Fire Company honors volunteers

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Dundee Emergency Squad award winners (from left): Ed Allen, Outstanding Service; Ray Miller, Special Recognition; Diane Warriner, Member of the Year; Jeff Moore, Most Training Hours; and Jim Moore, Driver of the Year.

Members of the Dundee Fire Company and Emergency Squad honored the work of several volunteers when they gathered for their annual awards dinner Jan. 23.

Ray Miller was honored as Fireman of the Year, was recognized for 60 years of service with an award from the Firemen’s Association of New York, and was presented with two special recognition awards for his work for the Emergency Squad and the Truck Committee.

Former Chief David Bambey said Miller’s contributions to the acquisition of a new truck were invaluable.

Bambey also presented a special chief’s award to another former chief, Tracey Miller, for his work on the truck committee.

Fire Company Awards

Other Awards were presented by Chief Steve Warriner to fire and emergency squad volunteers for:

Most Training Hours: Loren Weaver

Outstanding Service Award: Alec Miller, Loren Weaver, Dan Petersen

Special Service Award: Steve Hill, Lamar Sensenig

Community Service Award: Joe Salamandra, Tim Kelly

Perfect Training Attendance: Dave Bambey, Steve Warriner

Emergency Squad Awards

Most Training Hours: Jeff Moore, 184 hours

Member of the Year: Diane Warriner

Driver of the Year: Jim Moore

Outstanding Service Award: Ed Allen, Jeff Moore

Special Award: Ray Miller

100 or more ambulance runs: Diane Warriner, Jim Moore, Jeff Moore

Special Recognition courtesy of D. B. Miles: Nathan Miles and Ken Riehl.

In 2014, the Dundee Fire Company responded to 147 calls. An average of 12.9 volunteers responded per call. Responding to emergencies accounted for over 1,983 hours. Those calls included 30 automatic alarms, 21 fires, 36 hazardous conditions, 14 mutual aid calls, and 27 motor vehicle accidents.

Dundee volunteer rescuers responded to 14 requests for mutual aid 14 times from six area departments, and requested mutual aid 13 times from seven departments.

With over 2,016 work hours and 2,234.75 training hours combined with the emergency response hours, the volunteers devoted a grand total of 6,243 hours and 37 minutes to the community.