Take our Poll: Bath Road or Old Bath Road?

John Christensen
The signs on County Road 17 say Bath Road, but some GPS systems only recognize addresses that call it Old Bath Road.

Milo residents and Town of Milo officers are in a quandary: is it Bath Road, as has appeared on maps since the 19th century, or is it Old Bath Road, as has been in common usage for about half a century?

According to Milo Supervisor Leslie Church, Old Bath seems to be winning, as it is in use by the U.S. Post office, the Yates County Dept. of Real Property, as well as GPS (global positioning system) mapping services.

Some say the new name dates from the construction of State Rte. 54, which provided an improved route to Bath. “We really don’t know when ‘Bath Road’ went out of use, officially,” says Church. “If you type ‘Bath Road’ into a GPS unit, you get nothing in Milo, but if you add ‘Old,’ there it is.”

However, Google Maps and Mapquest, commonly used on computers and smart phones, is responsive to an address typed in with either “Bath Road” or “Old Bath Road.”

The Town of Barrington uses “Bath Road” as its official address, with its town hall and Town Highway Department located at 4424 Bath Road.

Church says residents and the town would like clarification. “People aren’t able to get deliveries because the trucks all use GPS,” says Church, adding it is a matter for the County Legislature and is in discussion there in committee. Church is a legislator from District III, which covers Milo.

Business at the Milo Town Board Feb. 17 meeting included:

Water District 3: A public hearing has been scheduled for March 30 preliminary to pursuing a federal grant to improve Milo Water District 3, along Penn Yan Himrod Road. Church says the line serving about 10 homes in that area is old and incapable of providing sufficient pressure or quantity. She adds that a required income survey has already been done, but the cost of the project, and thus the amount of the grant, has not yet been determined.

Airport: Penn Yan Aero has reached out to Milo to attach to the sewer district along Rte. 54. The Town will reach out to Yates County to see if they would consider adding the Penn Yan/Yates County Airport to the service as well.

Grants: Milo has received $17,064.09 from N.Y. State Emergency Management as the 25 percent share of flood related disaster relief. They have also received $11,465 from N.Y. State Office of Judicial Court Support to construct a suitable restroom and install security lights at the town hall.