Most local posts on the ballot

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On a national level, people are already hashing over the 2016 presidential election with Ted Cruz’s announcement Monday. But the November 2015 general election will have more local significance, with all 14 Yates County Legislature seats and many other county and town positions on the ballot.

The list below includes each of the offices, the current official holding the post, and party affiliation.

To run for a political office in New York State, you must be a resident, 18 years old and a U.S. Citizen. In order to have your name appear on the ballot for an office, you will have to pass petitions to collect a certain number of signatures.

Information for candidates and voters can be found at the Yates County Board of Elections page at the Yates County website,

Information is also available at the Board of Elections office in the Yates County office building, 417 Liberty St., Penn Yan, 315-536-5135. See the Board of Elections listing on page 10.

Information about the New York State Board of elections can be found at

Yates County

Sheriff (4 years): Ronald G. Spike (R)

Clerk (4 years): Julie D. Betts (R)

Coroner (4 years): Ronald E. Dailey (R)

Legislative District I: four seats representing Italy, Jerusalem and Middlesex (2 years): Margaret M. Dunn (R), Gary Montgomery (R), Douglas Paddock (R), Elden Morrison (R).

Legislative District II: three seats representing Benton, Potter and Torrey (2 years): Robert F. Clark (R), Timothy J. Dennis (R), James E. Smith (R).

Legislative District III: four seats representing Milo (2 years): Leland Sackett (R), Leslie Church (R), Daniel W. Banach (R), Mark W. Morris (R).

Legislative District IV: three seats representing Barrington and Starkey (2 years): William R. Holgate (R), Bonnie L. Percy (R), James P. Multer (R).

Town Offices


Supervisor (unexpired term, 2 years): Philip C. Warren (R)

Town Council (4 years) two seats held by Kenneth R. Christensen Jr. (R) and Calvin A. Crosby (R).


Supervisor (2 years) John Prendergast (R)

Town Council (4 years): two seats held by Alan Tomion (R) and Richard Harper (R)

Town Clerk (4 years): Bobbi Wolfe (R)

Tax Collector (4 years): Mary Lilyea (R)

Highway Supertintendent (4 years): Jeffery W. Mann (R)

Town Justice (4 years): David J. Grace (R)


Supervisor (2 years) Margaret M. Dunn (R)

Town Clerk/Tax Collector (2 years): Debbie Craig (R)

Town Council (4 years): two seats held by Richard Craig (R) and Malcolm MacKenzie

Highway Superintendent (2 years): Jeffrey S. Hicks (R)


Supervisor (2 years): Patrick Killen (R)

Town Council (4 years): two seats held by Michael Steppe (R) and Daryl H. Jones (R)

Town Clerk (4 years): Sheila McMichael (R)

Highway Superintendent (4 years): Robert Martin (R)


Supervisor (2 years): Robert N. Multer (R)

Town Clerk/Tax Collector (2 years): Kathryn A. Pelton (R)

Town Council (4 years): two seats held by Leon N. Button (R) and Wayne D. Dunton (R)

Highway Superintendent (2 years): Thomas R. Reifsteck (R)


Supervisor (4 years): Leslie Church (R)

Town Council (4 years): two seats held by Dale Hallings (R) and Arden Sorensen (R)

Town Justice (4 years): Michael Christensen (R)


Town Council: two seats with 4-year terms held by Larry J. Lewis (R) and June G. Pendleton (R)

Town Council (Unexpired term with 2 years remaining) Brian A. Bootes (R)

Town Justice (4 years): Deborah K. Huff-Tober (R)


Supervisor (4 years): James R. Ritter (R)

Town Clerk/Tax Collector: (4 years): Sue Crans (R)

Town Council (4 years): two seats held by George Lawson (R) and Fred Shoemaker (R)

Highway Superintendent (2 years) Louis Seeley (R)

Town Justice (4 years): Helen Halbritter (R)


Supervisor (2 years): Patrick H. Flynn (R)

Town Clerk/Tax Collector (2 years): Betty Daggett (R)

Town Council (4 years): Linda Francisco (R)

Town Council (Unexpired Term, 3 years remaining): John H. Martini (D)

Highway Superintendent (2 years): Tim L. Chambers (R)

Town Justice (4 years) Jean H. Mashewske (R).