Jerusalem budget missed some costs

John Christensen

In three resolutions passed unanimously by the Jerusalem Town Board March 18, a total of $112,336.66 in unbudgeted funds was paid out in a single meeting.

As part of their negotiated settlement of the long-standing dispute over sewer rates with the Village of Penn Yan, the board authorized Supervisor Patrick Killen to pay $42,000 in back payments, and amended the budget to take the amount from the Water & Sewer budget. This reflects the compromise on both sides and was part of a wider agreement that reduces Jerusalem’s share of Penn Yan’s sewer budget.

Other payments included $13,914.34 in unpaid sick leave accrued over years by a recent retiree from the Water & Sewer Dept., and the annual Gradall equipment payment of $56,422.32 that had been missed by the budget officer in the budget.

The unpaid sick leave was paid from a reserve fund set up to cover post-employment costs, and the sewer payment was covered by exsiting funds.

The Gradall payment was omitted from budget in error.

In other business:

• Highway: Superintendent Rob Martin reported the town’s grader will require a major repair, costing as much as $10,000. The parts for the grader are very difficult if not impossible to obtain, according to Martin.

The salt storage structure is scheduled to be built sometime in mid to late May.The finances are all in order, and the crew that builds the structures generally finished each job within one week, says Martin.

• Town Clean-up Day: Board Member Daryl Jones says Town Clean-Up Day is scheduled for June 6: 8:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the town barns on Guyanoga Road.

• Thank You: Letters of thanks were received from Town of Pulteney Supervisor William Weber for Jerusalem’s help in improving water quality results; and from resident Peter Gamba for the Highway Department’s work during a difficult winter

• Revaluation Data Collector- Assessor Vernon Brand presented his arguments for hiring a data collector for the town’s revaluation, saying he does not have the base of information or the time to collect data. He brought Mary Lilyea, assessor for three other towns, to back up his request for a certified data collector to be hired. Jerusalem has budgeted $17,650 for data collection.