Solar can help Seneca Lake

Staff Writer
The Chronicle Express

Geneva Community Power is seeking 400 subscribers to enroll in the community solar program by June 26 to meet application deadlines for New York State matching funds intended to fund storm water control projects for Seneca Lake.

Geneva Community Power, a local solar program in the Town of Geneva, will award Geneva a $25,000 sustainability grant once enrollment reaches 400, according to Mark Venuti, supervisor Town of Geneva. 

“The grant money can potentially be quadrupled,” says Ontario County Water Resource Technician Katie Cappiello. “The Water Quality Improvement Project (WQIP) program is a competitive reimbursement grant program through New York State that funds projects to address water quality concerns like those we’re seeing in the Seneca Lake Watershed.” She says WQIP requires a minimum local match of 25 percent, meaning the $25,000 grant award can be used to apply for $75,000 from the state for a total project budget of $100,000.

NYSEG customers in communities around Seneca Lake are encouraged to sign up for Geneva Community Power now. The program is not just for Geneva residents. Any NYSEG residential and small business customer is eligible to enroll.

“To meet the WQIP program’s application deadline for quality projects, we need to ensure that 400 people enroll in the community solar program. We can’t apply for any matching funds without the $25,000, and we won’t receive those funds until enrollment targets are met,” says Venuti.

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