Torrey, Benton OK water pact

John Christensen
Torrey Town Board members Lawrence Martin, Colby Petersen, Supervisor Pat Flynn, Peter Martini, and Grant Downs sign the intermunicipal agreement with Benton for Torrey’s first water district.

At the Torrey Town Board meeting Tuesday, June 11, all the board members were pleased to sign the inter-municipal agreement with the Town of Benton to supply water, bill customers, and maintain the system after construction of Torrey’s Water District No. 1. This water district at the northeastern corner of Torrey along the shore of Seneca Lake, was first proposed over 20 years ago, and the success that has finally come is credited largely to the hard work and diligence of George Thompson, recently appointed as Town Justice. The project still has to obtain easements from property owners before design is finalized and construction can begin.

At their meeting the following night, the Benton Town Board heard from their Water Supervisor Jayson Hoover that the customer hookups to the extension of Water District No. 1 (called Water District No. 4 for billing purposes) have begun with Fox Run Vineyards now being supplied. Residential hookups and lawn and landscape restorations will continue this summer until complete.

With the success of these two districts under their belts, Benton also officially established Water District No. 5 onEarls Hill Road. This section will be fed from the water main on Pre-Emption Road fed from the tank at Bellona and supplied by the wells at Kashong. Flowing down Earls Hill will provide plenty of pressure, and will connect to Water District No. 1 on Rte. 14, also sourced from Kashong; but it is likely that connection will be opened only occasionally.

The project cost is preliminarily estimated at $954,000 with a $1,838 per unit annual cost. This is over $1,000 above the $898 per unit cost threshold set by the N.Y. State Comptroller, and will thus require approval from that office.