Dresden Fire Dept. celebrates 125 years of service

John Christensen

The Dresden Fire Department’s 125th Anniversary party was a day and evening of celebration, and one that garnered the attention of N.Y. State Sen. Tom O’Mara. O’Mara presented a senate proclamation along with an assembly one from his colleague Phil Palmesano who could not attend, both declaring the importance of the Dresden Fire Dept. and thanking all its members and supporters for their service. 

Above, O’Mara talks with Chief Dan Egburtson, Past Chief Charlie Leach, age 75 (standing) and Past Chief Kenny Shaner (seated), age 91, both still active in the department.

Volunteers talked with O’Mara about the onerous training certification hours placed on volunteer firefighters by regulations from Albany, thought to be driven by downstate professional firefighter unions, the difficulty in finding young volunteers able to fulfill those hours, and the rising average age of interior and exterior volunteer firefighters.