Spring Pond Farm named Beef Promoter of the Year

Staff Writer
The Chronicle Express
From left, Phil Trowbridge, NYBPA President; Jean O’Toole, NYBC Executive Director; John Kriese, Spring Pond Farm; and Ted Card, NYBPA Vice President.

Each year the New York Beef Council (NYBC) presents one deserving advocate the title of Beef Promoter of the Year. At this year’s New York Beef Producers’ Association Annual Meeting John Kriese, of Spring Pond Farm, was selected. This award was created to look beyond daily beef production activities and recognize the above and beyond efforts of  beef producers highlighting the extensive and varied activities they do to help NYBC with the education and promotion of beef.   

John Kriese is the owner operator of Spring Pond Farm with his wife Anita. John has a long and diverse track record of advocating for the beef industry. John served as the Agriculture teacher and FFA advisor at Penn Yan Central School District for 28 years. He has always been a staple in his community as an advocate of agriculture and mentor to generations of students.

Since retiring, NYBC has called on John to share his knowledge as a third-generation beef cattle producer. “His expertise and unbridled enthusiasm for beef makes for an engaging and memorable experience for all who visit his farm,” according to the announcement of the award. 

The Kriese’s farm, located in Branchport, has been host of beef farm tours big and small. Tour  attendees quickly feel John’s passion for his family, his cattle and everything that farm life involves. The Krieses have been involved in hosting multiple groups including a group of statewide collegiate culinary students and food bloggers from throughout the Northeast. When asked about their experience one Spring Pond tour attendee shared, “Visiting the farm and talking with John and his nutritionists was amazing. The love of their animals and land is incredible. When I share information with my readers about my beef recipes, I am now able to incorporate my experiences with the farmers and the knowledge they shared with my readers.”

Not only has John been active in on-the-farm promotions, but he has grown as a social media advocate for the industry as well, both on his own pages and in support of NYBC’s social media outreach. John has been the subject of multiple promotions including Face of Farming posts and a “for the love of beef” photo shoot with one of his favorite cows.

“John is a positive role model and advocate of our industry and unselfishly assists NYBC in the promotion of the industry with influencers 3-4 times removed from the life he lives and thrives,” the announcement concludes.