Yates Cooperative Extension COVID-19 update

Staff Writer
The Chronicle Express

As of June 4, access to departments within the Yates County Building are by appointment only. Cornell Cooperative Extension of Yates County will have daily office coverage, with 50% working in-person, and 50% working remotely. This includes work within the community (agriculture, gardening, natural resources) using social distancing practices.

We ask that the community contact the CCE Yates office in advance to make an appointment. Should you elect to reach any of our staff or educators individually, visit http://yates.cce.cornell.edu/staff for their email addresses. You may also send us a direct message via our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/CCEYates/), or call the office at 315-536-5123 to make an appointment.

CCE Yates also has developed a reopening plan to facilitate the transitioning staff back to their primary place of work in response to the Governor’s New York Forward phased approach to re-open New York State. This document serves as the written safety plan outlining how Cornell Cooperative Extension of Yates County (CCE) will aid in the prevention of the spread of COVID-19 during recovery and re-opening. The plan van be viewed on our website at https://bit.ly/cceyatessafetyplan. 

This document was reviewed by the Yates CCE Board of Directors June 24, will be updated as changes occur, and will be posted for the public via our website, social media, and local media. Stay safe everyone.

Cornell Cooperative Extension actively supports equal educational and employment opportunities No person shall be denied admission to any educational program or activity or be denied employment on the basis of any legally prohibited discrimination involving, but not limited to, such factors as race, color, religion, political beliefs, national or ethnic origin, sex, gender/gender identity, transgender status, sexual orientation, age, marital or family status, protected veterans and individuals with disabilities. Cornell Cooperative Extension is committed to the maintenance of affirmative action programs that will assure the continuation of such equality of opportunity.