Yates Emergency Relief Fund has awarded $106,035

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Yates Community Endowment distributes grants to 18 local nonprofits serving the county

The Yates Community Endowment’s Yates Emergency Relief Fund, launched in early May, has distributed 23 grants totaling $106,035 to nonprofit organizations supporting Yates County residents and businesses adversely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Launched in early May, the fund has raised more than $140,000 so far with contributions from individuals, businesses, family foundations, and organizations. Every dollar raised is being distributed to nonprofits providing critical services in Yates County.

The Emergency Relief Fund is focused on supporting immediate and urgent needs, recovery as nonprofits return to normal operations, and resiliency relief to help nonprofits most crucial to communities’ ability to thrive. Since grant applications opened eight weeks ago, a committee has been meeting weekly to reviewing the newest requests for funding. 

“With each passing week, the depth of the needs in our communities continues to be eye-opening,” says Ann McMullen, a member of the Yates Community Endowment Advisory Board and co-chair of the committee reviewing grants. “This crisis is affecting every person, every organization, and every business, and we are trying to do what we can to support the essential services that people need.”

The Yates Community Endowment’s relief efforts are by no means done. Grant applications from nonprofits continue to be submitted and reviewed on a rolling basis. Applications can be made by logging into the Community Foundation’s grant portal, which can be found at https://bit.ly/YatesRelief. 

More importantly, contributions to the Emergency Relief Fund are still needed, particularly as agencies in Yates County reopen and adapt to new ways of working. Donations can be made online using a credit card at www.racf.org/YatesRelief or mail a check payable to Yates Emergency Relief Fund, c/o Yates Community Endowment, 500 East Avenue, Rochester, NY 14607.

The recipients of grants from the Emergency Relief Fund so far are:

• Arts Center of Yates County ($5,000) — Helps to cover costs of compliance of local and state health and safety regulations.

Catholic Charities Community Services ($5,000) — For cleaning equipment upgrades for Yates County homes serving individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities.

Cornell Cooperative Extension-Yates County ($5,000) — To develop and print Yates Farm Update and other COVID-19 special edition newsletters.

Dundee Central School District ($5,000) — To help the district’s families in crisis with paying utilities, rent, mortgages and other necessities that existing community resources don’t address.

Dundee Children’s Center ($5,000) — Supports this nonprofit organization that provides child care and nursery school services.

Dundee Library ($1,935) — To purchase protection and sanitizing equipment for when the library reopens.

Finger Lakes Health Foundation ($3,000) — For the purchase of personal protective equipment.

Finger Lakes Museum ($5,000) — To support ongoing operational costs so the museum can continue offering experiential events related to the cultural heritage and ecological evolution of the Finger Lakes region.

Finger Lakes Economic Development Center of Yates County ($2,500) — To bolster support for local retail businesses through the “Be Local, Buy Local” gift certificate program by adding 20 percent to certificates’ value for purchases of $25 or more.

Friendship House of Middlesex Inc. ($7,500) — Two separate grants to support the organization’s food pantry and operations.

Legal Assistance of Western New York ($5,000) — To support the Housing and Public Benefits Hotline and Advocacy Project for local residents.

The Living Well ($15,000) — Two grants made to assist households with paying utilities (electrical, propane, fuel oil, coal, wood, and kerosene).

Mozaic, formerly Arc of Yates and Arc of Seneca Cayuga ($10,000) — Two separate grants to support Keuka Lake School in Penn Yan and the cost of adding employees at its residential facilities.

Penn Yan Central School District Family Support Services ($5,000) — Provides support for the extended school day and child care program in schools after state funding was eliminated. 

Penn Yan Public Library ($6,100) — For equipment and technology upgrades to transition back into serving the public.

ProAction of Steuben and Yates, Inc. ($7,500) — Two grants made to allow the Hope Center Keuka Food Pantry to continue to help residents dealing with food insecurity during the pandemic.

Rainbow Junction Ltd. ($5,000) — For technology and classroom upgrades for children ages six weeks to age 12 in this Penn Yan educational childcare center.

Yates Cultural & Recreational Resources Inc. ($5,000) — To continue operations of the fitness center, ELEVATE Youth, Core Adult programming at the Yates Community Center and its trails and fields. 

The Yates Community Endowment is under the guidance of an all-volunteer, all-local Advisory Board. Since its beginning in 2011, Yates Community Endowment has distributed more than $600,000 in grants to nonprofit organizations serving Yates County. 

Donor Listing

We are grateful to the following contributors who have supported the Yates Community Endowment since January 2018. Thank you!

Ms. Sue K. Andersen

Tom & Carolyn Argust

Mr. Stephen Moeller & Ms. Vivian Arias

Mr. Thomas H. Bailey & Mrs. Hannelore Wolcott-Bailey

Ms. Michele P. Howland & Mr. William A. Banaszewski

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Barney

Mr. & Mrs. James Barre

Bishop Sheen Ecumenical Housing Foundation Inc.

Joanne Searle & Bruce G. Borglum

Ms. Amy Borglum

Ms. Christina Bour

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Bowles

Ms. Marianne Rosica-Brand & Mr. Allyn M. Brand

Ms. Deborah A. Burns-Henry

Mr. & Mrs. Peter D. Calkins

Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Church

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas H. Close

Mr. & Mrs. Richard E. Clouser

Mr. Paul S. Coon

Mrs. Donald J. Corbett

Robert & Sharon Corcoran

Dr. & Mrs. Russell D. Cranston

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Darrow

Dundee Area Historical Society

Mr. & Mrs. Gary K. Emmick

Mr. & Mrs. David English

Mr. & Mrs. Alan T. Eusden

H. Taylor & Lyn Fitch

Caryl A. Flickinger

Mr. & Mrs. Brian F. Flickinger

Mr. & Mrs. Mark Flickinger

Mr. Jason Flickinger

Ms. Nancy Flickinger

Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Flynn

Ms. Elizabeth P. Freese

Mr. & Mrs. Richard E. Galusha

Edward & Verna Gerbic Family Foundation

Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Gilchrist

Mr. & Mrs. Ira L. Goldman

Rita & Michael Gow

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen G. Griffin

Norman & Dianne Hansen

Peg S. & Fred Havens

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen R. Heller

Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Henry

Mr. Lee L. Beaulac & Ms. Margaret A. Hinton

Hough Builder Inc.

Howard Hanna Lake Group

Johnson & Johnson Matching Gifts Program

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey M. Johnstone

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey M. Kennedy

Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Kinyoun Jr.

Ms. Deb Koen

Ms. Catharina W. Kranenburg

Mrs. Adele Lanahan

Mr. & Mrs. Norm Lindenmuth

Longs’ Cards & Books

Mr. & Mrs. Thom Love

Lyons National Bank

Mr. & Mrs. Richard S. MacAlpine

Mr. & Mrs. Mark C. Malcolm II

Mr. & Mrs. James R. McMullen

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher McNinch

Mr. & Mrs. Fletcher McTaggart

Mr. & Mrs. John H. Meisch

George R. Michaels

Mr. & Mrs. Joe Monago

Mr. Allen Morgan

Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Nahorniak

Mr. Robert J. Narde

Ms. Barbara T. Nielsen

Nord Family Foundation

Mr. & Mrs. Scott Osborn

Mr. & Mrs. Richard N. Osgood

Mr. & Mrs. David H. Payne

Mr. Jack Payne

Katie and Scott Peterson

Mr. David H. Phillips

Mr. Michael Plunkett

Mr. & Mrs. Philip A. Reynolds

Dr. & Mrs. Lester L. Rosenbloom

Dr. Stephen and Elise Rosenfeld

Ms. Theresa Rossettie

Mr. Rolf Zerges & Mrs. Lynda Rummel

Mr. & Mrs. Wilson Kent Salisbury

Mr. & Mrs. Dana Schillinger

Mr. & Mrs. Donald Schneider

Ms. Carol Worth & Mr. Robert Schwarting

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald G. Spike

Mr. & Mrs. Daunt I. Stenzel Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. Jim Stork

Mr. & Mrs. Steven D. Stork

Mrs. Corinne Stork

Stork Insurance

Mr. Ahmet Terzioglu

Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Vail Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. Armin K. Weiss

Mr. & Mrs. Mitchell J. Wilber

William G. McGowan Charitable Fund

Ms. Joan Winters

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Worden

Ms. Mary Worth

Yates County Volunteer Firemen’s Association


The list of donors thanked in last week's print article, omitted these contributors who have also generously donated to the Yates Community Endowment since January 2018. Thank you!

Ms. Jeannine H. Andersen

Mr. & Mrs. Philip L. Bailey

Rev. Anne Barden Waasdorp

Beaumont & Stork Inc.

Boston Private Bank & Trust Company

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas C. Carnell

Coach & Equipment

Mr. Robert H. Cole & Mrs. E. Marie McKee

Mr. James O. Crevelling

Mr. & Ms. Paul Danielson

Mr. & Mrs. Joe DeGeorge

Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. Denero

Mrs. Patricia Denison

Mr. & Mrs. Mike Deschamps

Mr. & Mrs. Steve DiFrancesco

East Lake Consulting Inc.

Mr. & Mrs. Mark Foerster

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey S. Gifford

Ms. Sue Goodrich

Mr. & Mrs. David Hartney

Mr. & Mrs. Murray Hestley

Mr. & Mrs. David Kahl

Mr. Robert E. King & Ms. Jamie King

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth F. Lerch

Ms. Judith Marsh

The McMullen Family Fund of RACF

Mr. & Mrs. Arthur J. Peck Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. Sam Priem

The Prudential Insurance Company of America

Mr. & Mrs. Michael W. Rees

Ms. Annette M. Schaff

Schneider & Ledgerwood

Ms. Carol Worth & Mr. Robert Schwarting

Joanne Searle

Dr. & Mrs. Harris Silver

State Street Corporation

Ms. Gloria Stoneham

Willie Taaffe Memorial Fund

Mr. & Mrs. John W. Travis

Ms. Ginny Turner & Mr. Jamie Sisson

Ms. Sally S. Williams

Mr. & Mrs. Donald G. Willmott

Mr. & Mrs. Donald G. Wright