Gov. Cuomo sets Friday deadline for school reopening plans

Staff reports
The Chronicle Express

Some region schools on the list of those with no plan submitted

ALBANY  – Governor Cuomo announced a Friday deadline for school districts that have not submitted plans for in-person learning. Currently, 107 school districts have not submitted a plan for in-person learning. Districts that fail to meet the Friday deadline will be unable to provide in-person learning this year.

The State continues to review plans based on set criteria. Districts that are found to be out of compliance will get a letter from the State Department of Health today and a follow-up call naming the sections of their plans that are deficient, in which case they will have until Friday to amend their plan.

“There are 107 school districts that have not submitted their plan - for those 107 school districts, how they didn’t submit a plan is beyond me. If they don’t submit a plan by this Friday, they can’t open,” Governor Cuomo said. “The main arbiter here of whether a school district has an intelligent plan to reopen and whether people have confidence in that district’s plan: It’s going to be the parents and it’s going to be the teachers, and that requires discussion, and that’s going to be a dialogue. Parents don’t have to send their child. The parents are responsible for the health and safety of the child, and they’re not going to send the child if they don’t believe the plan makes sense. A teacher is not going to come back into the classroom if they think the classroom is not safe, and that’s right. The school district has to have that dialogue by the 21st to fully comply with our rules.”

The Governor also reminded districts they must complete the three to five public sessions with parents and teachers and post their plans for remote learning, testing and tracing on their website by August 21st to be in compliance with standards established by the State.

The list of school districts that have not submitted plans includes several in the region:

  • Hammondsport
  • Geneva
  • Seneca Falls
  • Bradford
  • Odessa Montour
  • Corning
  • Elmira
  • Victor
  • East Bloomfield
  • Newark Valley
  • Spencer Van Etten
  • Cortland