Cornell Cooperative Extension offers free container garden kits

Staff reports
The Chronicle Express

Penn Yan

We may be moving towards the end of summer but it’s not too late to grow fresh produce this year. Many vegetables, particularly greens such as lettuce and spinach thrive in the cooler conditions of fall. Cornell Cooperative Extension of Yates County is excited to share our gardening skills and nutrition knowledge with our entire community. With the help of a New York State Ag and Markets grant, we have available a do-it-yourself gardening kit, complete with everything you will need to grow tasty and healthy lettuce and herbs indoors. These free container garden kits are available in partnership with Our Town Rocks in Dundee, the Yates County Community Center, and the Finger Lakes Museum.

Each kit includes three planting containers and potting mix along with sweet Italian basil, green onion, and lettuce seeds. All three thrive in containers and can be grown outside and then brought inside when the weather begins to cool to brighten up your fall cooking. CCE wants your gardening experience to be successful so we have included a brochure with complete planting instructions in each kit. If you encounter questions about your plants, available online is a Facebook group where you can get your answers as well as fellow gardener suggestions. It is also a great place to share photos of your successful container gardens. This group is located at

If you would like to reserve a kit, please contact Bryan Bobo at the Yates Community Center (, Deb Lyon at the Finger Lakes Museum (315-595-2200 or email, or Caryl Sutterby at Our Town Rocks (607-426-4015 or email at Supplies are limited. If you have any other questions, please contact the CCE-Yates County office at 315-536-5123 or Caroline Boutard-Hunt at

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