Absentee ballot drop off box installed

Staff reports
The Chronicle Express

Penn Yan — A new high-security absentee ballot dropbox has been installed at the Yates County Board of Elections. It is accessible 24 hours a day outside the Yates County Office Building, 417 Liberty St. in Penn Yan to the right of the main entrance. To provide additional security of the ballots, the dropbox is covered by two security cameras,

The new absentee ballot dropbox at the Yates County Office Building.

According to Commissioners Bob Brechko and Rob Schwarting, the dropbox provides an additional way for voters to return their absentee ballots. 

“For many, there is an anxiety about returning a ballot through the U.S. Postal mails,” said the commissioners in a joint press release. “While there were no known problems in Yates County with the mail during the heavy absentee voting in the June primaries, it is reassuring to votes that they can deliver their ballot in person.”

In addition to the dropbox and returning ballots through the post office’s regular mail service, absentee voters can drop off their completed ballot at any polling site on Election Day, Nov. 3, or at the Early Voting site in the County Office building starting Oct. 24.

More than 1,600 absentee ballots, three times the amount processed for a normal local election have been mailed to voters who applied for an absentee ballot. This week, about 40 applications arrive daily at the Board of Elections, and absentee ballots are sent out by mail within 24 hours. 

Voters wanting an absentee ballot can: 

  • Return the application that was sent to their home in early September
  • Download a new blank application form on the Board of Elections Website at www.yatescounty.org/300/Board-of-Elections
  • Pick up a blank application at the Board of Elections, 417 Liberty Street, Penn Yan. 
  • Download an application through a portal on the State BOE Website at https://absenteeballot.elections.ny.gov/