Yates County Republican Dinner postponed

Staff reports
The Chronicle Express

Jack Prendergast, Chairman of the Yates County Republican Party, announced that the Annual Yates County Republican Dinner scheduled for Oct. 8 has been postponed. A future date has not been announced.

The decision to postpone the event was determined with consultation of featured speaker, Nick Langworthy, Chairman of The N.Y.S. Republican Party and coordinating with Congressman Tom Reed, State Senator Tom O’Mara, and Assemblyman Phil Palmesano 

Planning for the Republican dinner began in January with the date being set at the Annual New York State Republican Meeting in Albany. Coordination for the dinner by federal, state, county, town candidates, the planning of the event, a lot of work has taken place according to Prendergast.

“The decision to postpone this dinner took a lot of thought. Committee members work hard during the political season and the dinner is always well received, a reward to get close to our representatives,” said Prendergast. “The candidates and the public really enjoy this time together to talk about issues facing the towns, county, state, and nation. This is a Representative Republic in action,” he noted.

“Postponing the dinner is tough, but not as tough as what our people are going through during this time,” said Prendergast. “With the New York State being locked down, people and their businesses are really hurting. Canceling this event just takes more money out of our community, causes people not to work, sales tax not to be raised. It’s not easy. Our Yates County Republican Committee weighed the economic issues with those of the health of the community,” Prendergast says. “All involved in the decision felt that keeping our constituents' health first is what the Republicans are about.”

Prendergast says he will keep the local Republicans posted for further announcements, and urges everyone to vote Nov. 3. “The Constitution, Bill of Rights, Free Market Economy, and welfare of your family depend on your vote.”