LyonSmith Brewing reopens in new location

John Christensen
The Chronicle-Express

BLUFF POINT – After an almost two-year hiatus for relocation and construction, the LyonSmith Brewing Co. reopened Friday, Oct. 9 at their brand new brewery and tasting room on the corner of Rte. 54A and Assembly Ave. in Bluff Point.

Bruce & Sara Lyon began serving their first customers Friday.

LyonSmith Brewing focuses on the beer styles of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. “This region has a long esteemed history in the brewing arts, and it is our intention to honor that tradition,” says Head Brewer and co-owner David Smith. With his wife, Sarah Lyon, and her father and aunt, Bruce & Barbara Lyon, founding, brewing, and now building their new facility, LyonSmith is more than a business – it is a shared family labor of love. 

As Dave has been brewing to get ready for opening, Bruce has been getting his punch-list done for the building and site work, while Sara and Barbara have been readying the tasting room for visitors. Far more spacious than their previous location on Water St. in Penn Yan, the new tasting room can accommodate socially distanced groups much more easily. The bright and sunny interior has a homelike atmosphere that is fitting for such a family business.

“We believe that you should love what you do,” say the Lyon-Smiths. “Nothing inspires someone to work harder than their passion for the task.  We embody this sentiment.  Yes, we are a family company, because we believe in treating our family like family should.”

That family focus is evident in some of LyonSmith leading products – three permanent offerings named for Dave & Sara’s three children.

Rhiannon Red Ale

Rhiannon was the Celtic queen of witches and horses. She is also our first daughter, and the beer that started this all.  It is a malt showcase: not overly sweet, but complex with a bready body. Hops are certainly present, with a floral character that is reminiscent of stone fruits. (2017 Tap NY Silver Medal Winner)

Rylie Pale Ale

Fiery is the child for which this beer is named. Like this child, our Pale Ale is beautiful: slightly red, copper-colored beer with a fairly even blend of malt sweetness and hop aggressiveness. Rather indicative of the Pales that can be found in London. The hop blend lends an earthy, woody character and complexity. (2016 Tap NY Gold Medal Winner)

Reid’s Mild Ale

Names for the youngest LyonSmith child, Reid, is more mild than his sisters (which is about the only way a little boy is going to make it in this household). Like it’s namesake, Reid’s Mild is pretty easy to love - a lower ABV makes it sessionable, but the darker malts give it a complexity not found in light American beers. A minimal hop presence insures that this malt-forward beer doesn’t present as cloying.

• Also available now are: 

1814 Flood Porter - named for a tragic event in London, it is a robust version of the dark beer with roasted malt character and a fair hint of peat smokiness.

Hive Mind Braggot - an ancient style brewed with honey, this version plays the sweet floral notes of local wildflower honey off the dry slickness of rye, with light hop notes.

Stingy Jack’s Puimcin Ale - this brown ale is brewed with pumpkin that adds a rich mouthfeel and unique taste to this

• Coming soon are two more other fall offerings: 

Harvest Apple Graff Ale - half malty dark beer, half fermented apple juice, all from N.Y. State grown products.

Three Mutts Stout - a traditional oatmeal stout.

On tap now:

Rhiannon Red

Rylie Pale Ale

Reid’s Mild Ale

1814 Flood Porter

Hive Mind Braggot

Stingy Jack’ Puimcin Ale

Coming soon:

Three Mutts Stout

Harvest Apple Graff