Volunteer for Veteran’s flag duty in Penn Yan

Staff reports
The Chronicle Express

PENN YAN — Volunteers will be taking the flags off Veterans’ markers Nov. 19 at Lakeview Cemetery. Greg “Diz” Disbrow, the American Legion Veterans Flag Coordinator, asks that all who wish to help meet at the cemetery office near Court Street at 9 a.m. 

All persons assisting must wear face coverings and proper footwear since the cemetery has uneven ground. 

“We will have several trucks for people to place the used flags in,” says Disbrow. “We ask if you have pliers, bring them with you as it will help in removing these flags that have wooden sticks that are swollen.”

“Thanks in advance for helping us respect those who served our great nation!” says Disbrow. Special thanks go to Herbie Snyder, Dick Lent, and Sheila Disbrow who have worked to reset flag holders over the past two months.

“Our goal was to set flag holders with uniformity and help assist the cemetery maintenance crew when weed-eating around these markers.

Thanks also go to those who volunteer to take care of flags for their respective cemeteries in Yates County:

St. Michaels/Old St. Michaels: Bonnie Bassler

Himrod/Pioneer/Gramour: Martha Wheeler

Branchport/Keuka Park: Dan Lynn

Bellona: Bob Johnson

Potter: Tom Pengally

Benton: Mike Lilyea

Voak/Shuman: Ellen Hey

Second Milo: Terry & Sallie Jensen