‘Sweats for Vets’ at PYMS

Rob Maeske
The Chronicle-Express

Penn Yan Middle School salute veterans with fitness challenge

PENN YAN — Last week, to celebrate Veteran’s Day, students at Penn Yan Middle School (PYMS) participated in a special “Sweat for Vets” challenge created by Physical Education teachers Deb Curbeau and Jill MacKerchar. Besides promoting good physical health, the challenge was designed to have students, “remember all those who have served our country and think about what they sacrificed for the United States and the opportunity to give us the freedom we have.”

Teachers Jill MacKerchar and Deb Curbeau created “Sweats for Vets” to promote good health and their students’ awareness of the sacrifices made by Veterans.

During their regular phys. ed. classes, students were tasked with running laps around the Penn Yan athletic field’s track while completing additional objectives. After the first lap, students were instructed to perform 10 “mountain climbers” at the quarter turn mark, 10 butterfly sit-ups at the halfway mark, and 10 jumping jacks at the three-quarter mark. 

Sweat for Vets

For each completed lap after the first, students were awarded a military rank with a promotion for each additional lap. After the second lap, students were awarded the rank of Private and could move all the way up to General after their sixth lap. Students who completed more than six laps were awarded the highest rank of 5-Star General. Any student who achieved the rank of General or higher was honored with their name on the Phys. Ed. bulletin board and pizza at the end of the week.

Sweat for Vets

Students who earned the rank of General include:

For the Blue team: Corinne Barden, Rebecca Hayes, Anthony Condella, Will Thompson, Aidan Dallos, Kiera Castner, Brevin Cummings, John Holly, Ethan Morgan, Colby Jones, Lyam Hayes, Nathaniel Chaffee, Amanda Smith, Cynthia Krieger-McCarthy, Blake Hollister, Anthony Sciallo, Erin Clancy, Daniel Craver, Maihue Miranda-Wiltberger, Leah Prather and Lizzy Shoff.

For the Orange team: Teagan Finger, Amenia Samatulski, Jacob Eaves, Irelynd Densmore, Leland King, Abeni Oliva, Braden Andrews, Addison Daily, Chance Groves, Gracelyn Lewis, Ian Thompson, Lila Hansen, Ethan Wager, Diedrik Scheepsma, Braden Fingar, Tukker Fisher, Nathan Mineses, Josiah Franklin, Avery Taylor, Brandon Davids, Josh Gilmartin, David Madorsky, Marion Wheeler, Cadence Brady, Addy Gillette, Cody Jensen, Josh Morse, Mahraha Woodard, MaKenna Mullins, Katie Wheeler, Lia Bush, Abby Fischer, and Aidan Griffiths.

Sweat for Vets

Students who achieved 5-Star General status include Maddie Bishop, Ty Conover, Cole Jensen, Austin Race, Levi Fisher, Carter MacKerchar, Phelan Fullagar, Tyler LaFave, Ethan Miller, and Spencer Jensen.