Yates County Jail visits suspended once more

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Sheriff reinstates COVID-19 precautions from earlier in pandemic

PENN YAN — Yates County Sheriff Ron Spike has again temporarily suspended all visitation to the Yates County Jail as a cautionary move to reduce the risk of any COVID-19 exposure issues to inmates or staff. The jail administration, County Public Health, Jail Physician, and jail medical staff have all concurred with this temporary Order. Jail contact visitation is normally scheduled for weekends.

Sheriff Spike

Jail visitation was stopped earlier this year for a period of time between March 13 and Aug. 1. During the suspension, jail staff implemented a video virtual visitation system for inmates via tablet at no cost.

After Aug. 1, visitation was resumed as the threat of the virus decreased considerably in this area and in the Finger Lakes region. At that time, it was modified to non-contact only, limited to no longer than 30 minutes, and with additional health and safety equipment installed, including mask requirements.

Yates County Sheriff

“Preventing the virus from entering the county jail is paramount,” said Spike, “and we have been monitoring the local and regional increase in numbers of people contracting the virus and those being quarantined.”

The PC video tablet virtual visitation is once again available for inmates use. Anyone withing more information should call 315-536-5175.