State Police warn of car-theft scam

Staff reports
The Chronicle-Express

There have been multiple instances of persons answering online ads to buy privately owned used vehicles in the Western New York area. Responding to the owner's residence, with two persons or more, going on a test drive with the vehicle for sale.  At some point during the test drive, the suspect(s) ask the vehicle owner to step out, stating they hear a weird noise or think something is wrong with the vehicle.

Once the owner steps out of the car, the suspect will drive off with the vehicle and drop the other person or persons off to retrieve the vehicle they drove to the test ride.

This scam has occurred in Livingston, Wayne, Monroe, and other counties in the area.

State Police urge citizens to be vigilant and careful with transactions like this and suggest selling used vehicles in front of security cameras or have additional persons with you when attempting a private sale of a motor vehicle.