Yates County ranks high for small business presence

Staff reports
The Chronicle-Express

Yates County ranked among the top counties in New York in terms of small business presence in a new study from New York financial technology company SmartAsset.

The study measures IRS data on the number of small businesses operating in each county, how much income they generate and what they pay in taxes. According to the study, Yates County ranked among the top places in New York: In fact, it ranked at the top, with an index of 45.21. The No. 2 county, Columbia County, was at 44.76.

The top 10 counties, with their indexes, are:

1. Yates, 45.21

2. Columbia, 44.76

3. Putnam, 42.36

4. Ulster, 40.25

5. Suffolk, 39.91

6. Tompkins, 38.64

7. Hamilton, 36.56

8. Delaware, 36.03

9. Essex, 35.15

10. Dutchess, 34.63

Small businesses are a crucial part of the U.S. economy -- more than 99% of the businesses in the country are small businesses -- and their impact to local economies is just as important. 

Additional study details, including the methodology and interactive map, can be found at https://smartasset.com/checking-account/savings-calculator#newyork