Yates County Sheriff’s Office reaccredited

Staff reports

The accreditation designation for the Yates County Sheriff’s Office law enforcement police services has been in effect since professional standards were recognized in 2005, and has been renewed every five years. Now, a new, extensive outside assessment is required, and Yates County’s inspection was completed during three days in October on behalf of the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) in Albany.

The Governor’s New York State Accreditation Council extended the commended accreditation status for the Yates County Sheriff's Office Dec. 3 for another five-year period, finding all policies/procedures, training, and applicable 110 standards of documentation to be in compliance with the required contemporary benchmarks.

The Sheriff’s Office is one of 160 police agencies out of 545 in New York being accredited.

“The Governors Executive Order 203 on police reform and reinvention cites accreditation as a means to increase efficiency and effectiveness, promoting cooperation and coordination of public safety services, ensures appropriate training, and promotes public confidence of professional police services," said Sheriff Ron Spike, "so I am very proud of the men and women at YCSO for their achievement.”

Yates County Sheriff Ron Spike