FLBM marks successes for 2020

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Fund and member drives get returns, Pat II on the move at Finger Lakes Boating Museum

The Pat II, which served as a tour boat at the Thousand Islands and on Skaneateles Lake but has been out of service since 1991, came to the Finger Lakes Boating Museum in 2014 and is being rehabilitated by volunteers.

HAMMONDSPORT – The Finger Lakes Boating Museum had a return of over 20% for its annual appeal. The usual response for such a general appeal is typically less than 10%, according to a release from the museum.

Noting that the response "represents a very generous and supportive community," the FLBM stated, "'Thank You" from the bottom of our boats."

FLBM's new member campaign has also been successful. So far, it has 43 new members. "We still have a long way to go to reach our lofty 250 goal but with your help we can do this," FLBM stated.

After six years, the Pat II, which served as a tour boat at the Thousand Islands and on Skaneateles Lake but has been out of service since 1991 is now out of the shop and sitting under a protective roof. To watch the extrication process, check out FLBM's Facebook page. You can also view her in person.

Many items from the Ship’s Store are now online and can be purchased directly, with more items to be added. Speaking of the Ship’s Store, FLBM has been given the rights and inventory of “Finger Lakes from Space” posters. It has several varieties — without roads, with roads, paper copy, mounted on poster board and laminated. Prices vary but there is ample supply.

During the fall, FLBM sent boat building “kits” to elementary grades in Hammondsport. The 4th grades have completed their boats and have brought them into the museum for FLBM to select their favorites from each of the three classrooms. They will be at the museum throughout January, so plan to stop in and vote. Early February, FLBM will award prizes to the winners.

FLBM's website now has links to several YouTube videos, one of which is a short “Year in Review.” Others are lectures from years past.

Going forward into 2021, plans are underway for:

1. Education programs and concerts

2. The launch of the Pat II

3. Completion of Building 9

4. New outside murals

5. New LED lighting and new sprinkler heads for the main building

6. New restoration projects — rowboats and K-boats (sailboats) from the collection

7. A program for planned giving

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