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The Chronicle-Express

The Chronicle-Express

Consolidation, Jan. 1, 1926, of the Yates County Chronicle (1824) and the Penn Yan Express (1866); the Rushville Chronicle (1905) and the Gorham New Age (1902)

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150 Years Ago

Jan. 12, 1871

Seneca Lake is exactly six feet lower than at high water last spring. The ice harvest has commenced on Keuka Lake. Blocks a foot thick are now being stored in the ice houses of this village. Cayuga Lake is frozen over a distance of several miles from the foot, with ice of sufficient strength at Cayuga to permit the crossing of teams.

Two children of Charles M. Ackley of this village have recently died of scarlet fever. One, Hebe, was buried on Sunday last, a little girl of seven years. The other, a daughter of 14 months, died yesterday morning. Mrs. Ackley and another child are also quite sick.

A Williamsport paper says: About two weeks ago, two panthers were killed on a branch of Beach creek by a party of hunters. The length of each animal was nearly nine feet. These savage animals are becoming rare in this part of the state.

100 Years Ago

Jan. 12, 1921

A letter from Robert Whitfield to his parents was published on the front page. He and Leman Conley, both of Penn Yan, attempted to sail the Nancy Bell from New Jersey to Florida. The boat was about 31 ft. long; had a cabin with bunks and a 5 hp engine rigged with a sail. Their craft wrecked on a reef during a gale and they eventually found their way to the beach and were cared for by the Coast Guard. "We reached the Coast Guard station at Cedar Island pretty well spent, but under the mothering of the Guard we recovered our strength and had breakfast. We never experienced such hospitality as these Coast Guards gave us. Their official duty was finished after they had salvaged our property, but they didn't stop there. They kept us over Christmas and helped us wash the salt water from our clothes and served us is numerous ways. They are such a fine lot of simple, kindly men who are the soul of hospitality ... It made us feel better to learn that an Italian merchantman of some 8,000 tons had floundered very near where the Nancy Bell had pounded to pieces." The two eventually made it to Conley's parents' in Florida.

Drunkenness is seldom seen in Penn Yan these days, but Sunday was an exception. A man so drunk he was hardly able to navigate staggered across Main Street as people were returning from church. Evidently someone selling booze is looking for trouble, and here's hoping they will get it soon and aplenty.

Wm. King, of the Birkett Mill, has been unable to work from some time because of an accident. While driving a nail, it flew, striking the left eyeball. For a time he could not see, and it was feared he had lost the sight of that eye. To add to the trouble, he caught cold and inflammation resulted. However, he will not lose the use of the eye, although he suffers greatly.

75 Years Ago

Jan. 10, 1946

Award of a medal to A. F. Ostrowski, Henry Street, has been announced following a rescue made by Mr. Ostrowski during a fire at 104 Henry Street on Wednesday, Jan. 2. "She was frightened by smoke and water pouring over her and I had to carry her out in my arms," relates Mr. Ostrowski, who found the victim as he guided firemen to the basement of the house, occupied by Mr. and Mrs. Louis McCarty. The victim was a black and white cocker spaniel.

A Mynderse quint from Seneca Falls managed to defeat Penn Yan Academy by a narrow margin here Friday night 34 to 33. With two seconds remaining in the final quarter, Penn Yan had a last chance to knot the score when a personal foul was committed. However, the Orange and Blue failed to tally. Dundee Central School's basketball five nosed out Odessa Central 35 to 31 in a thrilling hard-fought league contest on the Odessa court Friday evening. Pat Sullivan and John DeMunn led the Dundee attack with 11 and 9 points with Sebring, Chadwick, and Woodard outstanding on the defense.

The State Police desire to cooperate with and assist returning veterans who are bringing foreign firearms into this country which they value very highly, but, under Section 1897 of the penal law, they cannot be possessed or carried in New York State without a license. If a veteran should come to any State Police station and request that the State Police take custody of this souvenir weapon until he can secure a permit, the weapon will be accepted and a receipt given stating the make, type, calibre and serial number of the gun concerned.

50 Years Ago

Jan. 14, 1971

Penn Yan Boats will display seven models of boats varying in size from 18' to 26' during the National Boat Show held in New York City, Jan. 20-31. This show, largest of its kind in the east, will have on display over 450 boats covering approximately five acres of floor space. Featured again this year will be the Tunnel Drive T/M hull concept on which the U.S. Patent office recently issues Pat. 3,515,087. Penn Yan's line for 1971 consists of 21 models in eight sizes.

The Penn Yan Boats sales staff with one of the company's very popular Swift outboard models. Penn Yan's line for 1971 consisted of 21 models in eight sizes.

It was a week of close games for two of the three area high schools as local teams started on their league schedules following the holiday break. For the Penn Yan Mustangs, the narrow margin was as good as a 50-point win since it spelled the difference in a 47-46 victory of the Orange and Blue, marking their first win of the campaign in seven outings. Coming on the short end of a 1 point decision was the Marcus Whitman cagers who were edged 52-51 in a dilly of a battle with the Blue Devils of Seneca Falls. The Penn Yan girls' Tri-County basketball team started off the new year right with two wins. They traveled to Waterloo Jan. 4 and to Geneva Jan. 7. The girls scored 34 points against Waterloo. Robin Lane-15; Jackie McMichael-7; Mary Stte-7; and Deb Chidsey-5. The score of the Geneva game was 50 to 15. The team's record now is three wins and 1 loss.