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The Chronicle-Express

The Chronicle-Express: Consolidation, Jan. 1, 1926, of the Yates County Chronicle (1824) and the Penn Yan Express (1866); the Rushville Chronicle (1905) and the Gorham New Age (1902) The Yates County History Center’s volunteers have gleaned these entries for your enjoyment from their digitized newspapers. You can access them at the free site For more information about the YCHC, visit

150 Years Ago

Jan. 19, 1871

Last Saturday night, a horse, buggy, harness, and buffalo were stolen from David H. Turner of Jerusalem three miles north of Italy Hill. The animal stolen is a light gray mare worth $200; the buggy a heavy open carriage painted dark, once striped with red. Mr. Turner offers a reward of $100 for the recovery of the property. Horse stealing is becoming very prevalent of late, and nothing would tend to the cure of it so effectually as to catch some of the rascals and set them at work for the state.

Bellona, it is said, has organized a society for catching horse stealers. Now that some of their horses have lately been stolen it is a good time to at least lock their stables.

10,000 feet of second growth hickory and white ash, and 10,000 feet of whitewood wanted at T. Brigden and Son's Carriage Factory. A good price will be paid for a first-class article.

100 Years Ago

Jan. 19, 1921

Last Thursday morning as August Carlson, who resides in North Torrey, was leaving Dresden for home, with a grist in his lumber wagon, going out on Seneca Street, he had only crossed the bridge over the Penn Yan branch when his lines, which were long, got out of the wagon box and caught in the wheel and soon wound up until the team began backing. Before anything could be done, Mr. Carlson, team, and wagon had gone over the embankment, probably 20 feet down onto the Penn Yan track. Mr. Carlson gave an alarm and Wm. VanHouten, who was not far off, ran to his relief. Others were soon on the spot and helped get the team, wagon, and contents up on the road. Very fortunately while Mr. Carlson escaped with slight bruises, which were in the mixup, and wagon, that was turned upside down, all escaped uninjured.

Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hospital Superintendent's report for December, 1920:

Number of patients in hospital Dec. 1: 15

Number of patients admitted during the month: 41

Number of patients discharged: 56

Number of patients in hospital Dec. 31: 13

Cases: Surgical: 31; Maternity: 3; Medical: 4; Babies: 3; Deaths: 1

During the four months the temporary hospital has been open, it has cared for 135 patients. There have been 103 successful operations performed, six maternity cases, 14 medical, six fractures, six births. There are today some 15 on the waiting list. Counting babies, they have cared for as many as 21 patients at one time.

Last Friday, when C.N. Bacon, local agent for the New York Central Railroad, paid County Treasurer Harry O. Bennett, this company's check for $8,649.64, it represented the largest state and county tax ever paid in Yates County. They are the largest taxpayers in the county, and this tax represents an increase of nearly $3,000 over the previous year.

75 Years Ago

Jan. 17, 1946

Members of the Penn Yan Academy Class of 1946 were rehearsing for their upcoming performance of "A Lucky Break." Cast members included Fred Dugan, Dick Sorensen, Sylvia Conley, Bill Daniels, Sally Folts, Gilbert Bascom, Lee Newell, Fif Bagster-Collins, Virginia Cecchini, Allan Schulz, Carol Georghegan, Barbara Walsh, Dick Conley, and Nancy Diven.

Henry Hunt of Rock Stream has a quarter-dollar gold piece. A trifle smaller than an aspirin tablet and about one-third as thick, the coin bears no date. Mr. Hunt wonders if anyone can tell him when such coin was put in circulation. He also has a $20 gold piece dated 1800.

Dundee Central School's basketball club gained undisputed possession of top position in the Lakes Region B-C league with a decisive 47-28 win over its traditional rival, Ovid Central. One of the chief factors in the building of a winning team, declares Coach Bob Jones, is team play, a pulling together, and not having one or two men who act as stars. He says brotherly love is no catch word for the boys. It is a matter of fact, with brothers Thomas and Alden Chadwick, and Leon, Claire, and Robert Woodard all on the team.

50 Years Ago

Jan. 21, 1971

Over 300 persons jammed the Dresden Hotel last Wednesday evening to pay tribute to Congressman Samuel S. Stratton (D). The non-partisan testimonial dinner was a project of a joint effort by Republican and Democratic party members and the county's citizens and industrial leaders.

One of the newest public services available to Yates County residents is a Mental Health Clinic recently authorized by the Board of Supervisors. The agency office and the clinic are located on the third floor of Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hospital in Penn Yan. The project is administrated by Gordon Depew of Dundee. He retired as Supervising Principal of Dundee Central School two years ago, and was appointed to the position on a part time basis at an annual salary of $2,880. The facility was reactivated after a lapse of several years Nov. 30, 1970 by action of the Yates County Mental Health Board. The professional staff includes two psychiatrists, a social worker, and a psychologist.

Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hospital in Penn Yan, circa 1921.

The second effort at getting the skating rink behind St. Michaels ready for ice was just as successful as the first, at least weather-wise. There aren't too many people who would give up a Saturday afternoon and evening to flood an ice rink, especially in 16 degree weather, but Bruce LeClaire and Marvin Potts did. They used the water truck from the fire station and hauled six loads of water from a nearby hydrant. Some 3 1/2 hours later, they called it an evening.