Plug in to electronics recycling

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As you switch out of the old and welcome the new, please remember to recycle your old electronics responsibly.

Examples of common electronic equipment that must be recycled:

• Computers (desktops, laptops, e-readers, tablets, etc.)

• Computer peripherals (mice, keyboards, monitors, printers, etc.)

• Small electronic equipment (DVR's, DVD players, MP3 players, video game consoles, etc.)

• Televisions

It is illegal to dispose these and other covered electronic equipment (CEE) in the trash under New York's electronic waste law.

How to recycle electronics

Visit DEC's Consumer Electronic Waste Recycling webpage for information on all available recycling/reuse opportunities:

Manufacturers of CEE are required to provide consumers a free and convenient opportunity to recycle their equipment or one piece of CEE from another manufacturer with the purchase of the same type. Depending on a specific manufacturer's acceptance program (, CEE recycling/reuse opportunities may include: permanent collection locations, local collection events, mailback programs, or at-home pickup (when no other free and convenient option is offered).

Questions or concerns? Contact the E-waste Recycling Team at

Many types of electronics must be recycled rather than thrown away.