RELIGION BULLETIN: Fabian unexpectedly is elected pope

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On Jan. 10, 236, Fabian is unexpectedly elected as the bishop of Rome. Although not much is known about Fabian's early life, the future Christian martyr had come to Rome from the countryside when a new papal election began after the death of Pope Anerus. According to fourth-century writer Eusebius of Caesarea, Fabian "was in the mind of none" during the election. While several illustrious and noble churchmen were being considered over the course of 13 days, according to Eusebius, a dove suddenly landed on Fabian's head. The assembled electors and congregation took this as a sign that Fabian should be elected as bishop.

During his 14 years as pope, Fabian divided the Christian communities of Rome into seven districts, each supervised by a deacon. Fabian later became of a victim of Emperor Decius' Christian persecution after his refusal to demonstrate his loyalty to Rome by offering incense to the cult images of deities which represented the Roman state. Fabian died as a martyr on Jan. 20, 250.

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Fabian is unexpectedly elected as the bishop of Rome on Jan. 10, 236.


Jan. 25: Conversion of St. Paul (Christian)

Jan. 28: Tu B'Shvat (Jewish)

Feb. 2: Candlemas - Presentation of Christ in the Temple (Christian)

Feb. 2: Imbolc-Lughnassad (Wicca/Neo Pagan)

Feb. 3: St. Blaze Day (Christian)

Feb. 3: Setsebun (Shinto)

Feb. 5: Four Chaplains Sunday (Interfaith)


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According to the CIA World Factbook, the religious makeup of Lithuania is:

- Roman Catholic: 77.2%

- Russian Orthodox: 4.1%

- Old Believer: 0.8%

- Evangelical Lutheran: 0.6%

- Evangelical Reformist: 0.2%

- Other: 0.8%

- None: 6.1%

- Unspecified: 10.1%

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