Virtual NYS Organics Summit

The Chronicle Express

The 7th annual N.Y. State Organics Summit, “Growing a Resilient Tomorrow” will take place virtually April 13 - 15. This yearly event is an opportunity to connect with over 175 materials management professionals from N.Y. State and beyond to share success stories and discuss creative solutions to barriers that restrict the sustainable management of organic materials, with a specific focus on wasted food and food scraps. Register at

Virtual Sessions

• April 13

- Ready, Set, Go! N.Y.S. Tackles Wasted Food through State & Local Law

- Compostable Ware: Is It Right for You?

- Composting is Power

• April 14 

- The Road Forward: A Chat with Industry Professionals

- Composting Markets: Finding Your Niche

- Ask the Experts: Outreach in Your Community

- Time to Bag It Up? – Developing a Bagged Product

- Growing Community Compost Infrastructure

• April 15 

- Addressing a Changing Climate with Organics Management

- Unpacking Depackagers

- Up and Coming Organics Recyclers – A Focus on Micro-Haulers

- Marketing Strategies for Tackling Residential Food Waste

- Ask the Experts: Composters Technical Expertise