LNB announces recent promotions

Staff reports
The Chronicle-Express

The Lyons National Bank (LNB) recently recognized nine employees who have excelled in their respective positions.

“I am pleased to acknowledge the following individuals for their outstanding performance,” said Tom Kime, President & CEO of LNB. “The consistent commitment exhibited by these team members, coupled with their additional responsibilities in 2020, made them exceptional candidates for promotion.”

• Ryan M. Hallings, agricultural and commercial loan officer, was promoted to senior vice president. Ryan joined the bank in 2012, and is the recipient of LNB’s 2013 Breakthrough Employee of the Year and most recently the 2019 Employee of the Year. In addition to managing a lending portfolio, he also serves as a team leader in his department.

Ryan M. Hallings

• Kari R. Bezek, mortgage originator, was promoted to banking officer. Kari joined LNB in February 2017. A native of Penn Yan, she is responsible for residential mortgage lending in and around the Yates County area.

Kari R. Bezek

• Kimberly A. Kelley, director of human resources, was promoted to senior vice president. With over 19 years of service with LNB, Kim plays an instrumental role in overseeing the management of recruitment, staffing, compensation and benefits responsibilities. She is an active board member of the Wayne County Home Meal Services.

Kimberly A. Kelley

• Angela M. Merola, senior collector, was promoted to vice president. Angela joined LNB in 2007 and most recently won the 2018 Employee of the Year award. In 2020, her customer service interaction was instrumental in facilitating and managing payment deferral programs for qualifying individuals.

Angela M. Merola

• Melonie L. Tiffany, director of internal audit, was promoted to vice president. Joining LNB in 2007, Mel most recently received the president’s “WOW! Excellence in Service Team Member” award in 2020. With 14 years of audit experience, she ensures the Bank maintains the highest industry standards.

Melonie L. Tiffany

• Danielle M. Ayers, human resources specialist, was promoted to banking officer. Joining LNB in 2014, Danielle presents a positive reflection of LNB’s culture while covering many facets that impact current LNB employees and new recruits.

Danielle M. Ayers

• Wendy E. DiSanto, guaranteed loan coordinator, was promoted to banking officer. Joining LNB in 2017, Wendy won LNB’s 2018 Rookie of the Year award and most recently won the president’s “WOW! Excellence in Service Team Member” award in 2020. DiSanto most recently served as lead SBA representative on the Bank’s PPP loan team.

Wendy E. DiSanto

• Kim M. Emperato, wealth manager, was promoted to banking officer. Emperato joined LNB Financial Services in 2018 with a strong background in wealth management. Working from LNB’s Auburn office she serves individuals in and across the Cayuga and Seneca County area. Emperato won Rookie of the Year in 2019 and most recently earned the Wealth Management Charter Professional designation from the American College of Financial Planning.

Kim M. Emperato

• Scott W. Russell, mortgage underwriter, was promoted to banking officer. Scott joined LNB in 2017. With 13 years of lending experience, he is responsible for underwriting the Bank’s home equity volume while working closely with branch office staff in the home equity process.

Scott W. Russell

LNB is a $1.42 billion independent, community bank with 16 branch offices located throughout Wayne, Monroe, Onondaga, Ontario, Seneca, Yates and Cayuga counties.