Voter information cards coming soon

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Verify your registration and poling place

YATES COUNTY – Large white postal cards will begin appearing in Yates County mail boxes as early as April 15 as notices to registered voters arrive from the Yates County Board of Elections. The purpose of the cards are to verify voters' addresses and to inform the voter of their community poll site. The cards also include election dates and the opportunities to vote by absentee ballot or during the nine days of early voting at the County Office Building.

The cards also have the sometimes overlooked purpose of making sure everyone gets properly registered and eligible to vote in upcoming elections. It also helps to reduce the potential for voter fraud where a voter is registered to vote here and in another state.

Democratic Commissioner Brechko, with over 13 years on the job, is very proud of the Board of Elections staff who work diligently to make sure voters are properly informed and enrolled to vote. In order to get the best results from this process, postal patrons have to help the Board of Elections. You can contact the Board of Elections by phone: 315-536-5035 ext. 0, or by email: ( for any of the following:

· Voter is deceased

· Voter is temporarily away in the military or at college and would not be able to return to vote, please notify the voter of their opportunity to acquire an absentee ballot

· Voter has moved permanently or has registered in another state, please notify the Board of Elections

· Voter is still in residence but for some reason like age-related dementia is no longer able to cast a ballot. This would require a statement from a doctor or the courts.

· Voter has received the card at a post office box AND has moved from the registration address shown.

If a card does not arrive, and one was expected, please contact the Board of Elections to determine why. Your registration could be inactive or you are not registered in our county

These cards are not forwarded by the post office. By the end of the month, the Board of Elections will have received most of the cards that were undeliverable. There are many reasons for this such as temporarily away, new address instructions have expired, address is unknown, no mailbox, etc. Each of these cards must be investigated by the staff.

Republican Commissioner Schwarting, who not long ago as deputy worked closely with the cards remarked that snowbirds are a special case. Since the card telling them where they vote is rerouted to the Board of Elections, the registered voter has none of the important information from the card. New this year, the Board of Elections will resend the card marked Temporarily Away in late May, in time for the recipients to make any corrections prior to the annual primaries held on the fourth Tuesday of June.