March Deed Transfers in Yates County

The Chronicle Express

Deed transfers recorded in the Yates County Clerk's Office during March 2021 include:


Matthew S. & Emma J. Fisher to Alvin & Erma Zimmerman, $59,795

Pamela P. Kuver to Joy L.C. Perry, $59,900

Jesse F. Jayne to Jesse R. Jayne, $0

Viking Land LLC to Jason P. & Jennifer C. Torres and John H. & Beth D. Bruns, $635,000


E & M Paradox Farm, LLC to 640 Liberty Leasing LLC, $200,00

Reza Ali Neshat to Sharon H. Reagan, $28,000

Mara E. & Kevin P. Dean to Miriam Fox, $158,000

Arnold Smeenk to Smeenk Family Living Trust, $0

Curvin M. & Ell H. Burkholder to Kurvin L. & Karen E. Burkholder, $500,000

Timothy P. & Elizabeth A. McEvoy to Elizabeth A. McEvoy, $0

Kim E. Kulp to Ross A. Castner, $95,000

Deborah A. Mann and Jeffery W. Mann, as Co-Executors of the Last Will and Testament of Marian N. Mann and Tracy Jane Mann to Bradly H. and Brenda L. Smith, $160,000

Ervin B. Hoover, Rosene E. Hoover, Issac B. Hoover, Arlene L. Hoover, Adin B. Hoover, Lillian H. Hoover, Marvin E. Rissler & Alma S. Rissler to Evergreen Acreage, LLC, $825,000

Wilmington Savings Fun S to Jessica Heeman, $127,500


Carol Paola-Ruggles to Mario V. Gatti, $150,000


William N. & Joan W. Bradford to Bradford Family Irrevocable Trust, $0

James W. & Rosene H. Zimmerman to Clair E. & V. Jane Martin, $150,000

Janet M. Butcher to Daryl S. Jr & Jennifer Hilkert, $99,000

Timothy J. & Mary Lou Culver to Steven M. Culver, $0

George Carpenter to William R. Jr. & Mary Ellen Baker, $70,000

James & Nancy Piastuch to Keuka Cabin on the Beach, LLC, $0

Robert J. & Margaret M. Lorenzetti to Robert J. & Margaret M. Lorenzetti, $1

Carl D. Jud to David M. Havens, $0

Kueka Housing Council, Inc to Indian Pines Fruit Stand, LLC, $155,000

Curtis W. & Susan J. Gillette to David R. Pershad, $285,000

Barbara A. Crumb to Earl N. & Martha B. Sauder, $140,000

Anne L. Kruthoffer to John T. Wallace Jr. & Joan Tannen, $0

Donald & Christa Biesenbach to Donald & Christa Biesenbach, $0

Ernest C. North to Andrew J. Morton & Cassandra Medcalf, $205,000

Wade Holdings, LLC to Ryan & Denisse Wade, $0


Arthur M. Gilbert Estate to Danielle Bagley, $8,333

Steve Bodine, Terry Bodine, Leroy Gilbert Jr., & Raymond Townley, $41,667

Joshua J. & Abbie Harvey to Brandon Kinner, $95,000

Mary A. Lyng to Kevin S. & Bryan Lyng, $0

Mary A. Lyng to Kevin S. & Bryan Lyng, $0

David Albright & Lorin Frye to Michael Stephen Maddox, $150,000

Patricia E. Savage, Executor to Joseph McDonough, $200,000

Estate of Edward C. Schoen to Estate of Ellen S. Coffey & Ellen S. Coffey Irrevocable Trust, $0

Estate of Ellen S. Coffey & Ellen S. Coffey Irrevocable Trust to Coffey-Oakridge Assoicates LLC, $0


Tracy B. Mitrano to Tracy B. Mitrano & Victoria A. Everett, $0

158 Main Street LLC to Tracey D. & Marla Hedworth, $0

Tracey D. & Marla Hedworth to158 Main Street LLC, $0

Carol N. Shriver to Ellen Maloy, $75,000

Cynthia L. Miller to Linwood L. & Cindy K. Hough, $0

Linwood L. & Cindy K. Hough to Cynthia L. Miller, $14,000

Kevin & Jamie Howell to Samuel Karem, $20,000

James E. & Faye E.Castner to Joshua Charles & Bridgette Pritchard, $129,200

Rose Curry to Charles Thompson & Rose Curry, $0

LaBarr Family Wealth to Stephen M. & Hearther R. LaBarr, $1

Aaron W. Zimmerman to Adam S. & Louise H. Fox, $0

Kenneth H. & Elsa Marmet to Sierra R. Thomas & Christopher R. McMillan, $165,000

Richar A. Cowell to Jeffrey J Jolly, $0

Merlyn B. Hoover to John d. & Snizhana V. Carroll, $150,000


Miriam H. Fox to Lowell W. & Mary A. Horst, $120,000

Town of Potter to Anna M. Simmons, $7,0000

Estate of William C. Bush to Richard A. Bush & Dolores A. Parker, $0


Glen B. & Eleanor H. Sensenig to Clair H. Martin, Regina S. Martin, Randal L. Martin, Janette E. Martin, & Nathan R. Martin, $850,000

Roger H. & Loretta K. Fulkerson to Allen M. Carruthers & Stephanie M. Segura, $197,000

Brian H. & Christine A. Hertting to Jeffrey Franey & Courtney Woods, $275,000

Ernfred A. & Ann Cain Crusade to Sadie G. Crusade & Tavovce J. Crusade & Jacob R. Crusade, $0

Barbara Champlin to Richard & Helen Axtell, $18,000

Charles H. & Geraldine France to Gregory G. & Lillian R. DeForest-Campbell, $358,000

Amy L. & Lester J. Miller III to Cameron J. & Amanda K. Howell, $128,000

Marie M. Wright to Anna M. & Harold L. Jr Wright, $0

Margorie Thomas & Estate of John J. Thomas to Douglas J. & Stacey M. Thomas, $0

Deborah M. Kern to William R. Kern, $0

Leonard R. & Marian Nolt to Luke R. & Mary K. Nolt, $475,000

Kent & Leah J. Longenecker to Thomas Fiorilla Jr., $42,000


Kym Ross to Michael Ross, $0

Lois A. Hall, Stephen A. Eskildsen & Frederick G. Eskildsen to Syracuse Sand & Gravel LLC, $35,500

Betheny J. Peck to Roger F. Peck, $0