Greenidge Generation says they are protecting the trout fishery

Staff reports

Average daily temperature of water discharged into Keuka Lake Outlet from power generation and data center well within permit limits, not harmful to aquatic life, says veteran DEC Officer. 

DRESDEN – Greenidge Generation has published its actual average daily water temperature data from its power generation and data processing center operation between March 1 through April 17, 2021 – a critical time during trout spawning season. Given the importance of trout season to the community, Greenidge felt it important to share data on the average temperature of the water to dispel false claims about its operation.

Water temperature readings from Greenidge Generation March 21 through April 21.

“Like many people in our community, including a number of our employees, I grew up on Seneca Lake and have continued to enjoy the lake with my own family,” said Dale Irwin, CEO of Greenidge Generation LLC.  “Trout season is always a big deal, and it all starts with the spawning season. Here at Greenidge, we value the Lake and its fishery and are doing our part to protect it for the community we serve.”

Greenidge Generation meets strict environmental guidelines, in full compliance with its operational permits with the State of New York. 

The average daily temperature of the water leaving Greenidge from March 1, 2021 through April 17, 2021 was 49.6 degrees — with just a 6.8 degrees average difference between intake and outflow.   

“This data shows that the wild claims about Greenidge being harmful to Seneca Lake are more about creating media and fundraising opportunities for our opponents than about substantive, fact-based advocacy,” Irwin said. “We will continue to tell the truth about our facility and our great workers and will continue to take significant steps to protect Seneca Lake, as the Lake is important to us, too.  We will let the numbers during trout season tell the story.”  

Retired Lt. Judson Peck, who worked for years as part of the NYS Environmental Conservation Police, said the following:   

“A few rainbow trout will enter the Keuka Outlet to spawn in the spring. Water temperature of this range would have absolutely no adverse effect on the spawning fish,” said Peck.