Republican primaries for Starkey and Milo June 22

Yates County Board of Elections

Voting officials are reminding all registered voters in Yates County that the postal cards that they received tell them their party enrollment and where they would go to vote in a FULL, countywide election. That information is most important for the general election Tuesday, Nov. 2. Everyone votes in that election.

In June, however, there will only be a Republican primary, affecting only the towns of Starkey and Milo. Most registered voters will stay home on June 22. And since the number of voters who are eligible is smaller, some modifications of poll sites will be occurring.   

Starkey:  The June 22 Republican primary poll site remains in the Village of Dundee Fire Department and Village Hall on Union Street. The interior layout is changed to correct social distancing problems encountered last year.

Milo:  The first major change affects 270 Republican voters from the area surrounding Himrod. Instead of voting at the Himrod Fire Department, those voters will be sent to the consolidated poll site at Penn Yan Academy.  All registered Republicans in Milo are eligible to vote.

Each Milo voter arriving at the poll site by car will still use the student parking lot with an entrance on Liberty Street opposite the Middle School.  Since the Regents exams are held on Election Day, the gymnasium will not be available.  Voters will be directed to the main entrance near the school offices and the poll site will be there, between the auditorium and the cafeteria.

To assure public safety June 22, all in-person voters will be asked to wear a face mask, maintain social distancing between family groups, and sanitize their hands upon entry. If the state protective measures are relaxed further, voters will be instructed when they arrive.

Absentee ballots

Republicans in these two towns are also eligible to vote by absentee ballot or to vote early at the poll site in the Board of Elections office, County Office Building, 417 Liberty St.  

Absentee ballots may be applied for by email or in-person at the Board of Elections. They may also be requested directly by electronic application over the Internet at the NYS Board of Elections Absentee Ballot Portal. When a voter receives the absentee ballot they will have to complete it following enclosed instructions, affix first class postage and mail no later than June 22. Voters who request the absentee ballot in-person at the Board of Elections office may also mark their ballot there and submit it.

Voting options can be found listed on the County website at: 

Early voting

Early voting at the Yates County Office Building is convenient, starting every morning at 9 a.m. beginning Saturday, June 12, and ending on Sunday, June 20.  Daily closing times are as follows: both Saturdays and Sundays at 2 p.m.; Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 5 p.m.; and Tuesday and Thursday at 8 p.m.