NY State Haiti Benefit Auction June 18-19

John Christensen
The Chronicle Express

PENN YAN — The New York State Haiti Benefit Auction is to be held June 18-19. This year, the auction is to be held at a new location, the Finger Lakes Produce Auction, 3691 State Route 14A, Penn Yan. 

The New York State Haiti Benefit Auction is a highly anticipated annual event in Yates County. This year it will be held June 18-19 at the Finger Lakes Produce Auction on Route 14A south of Penn Yan.

Schedule of events

Friday, June 18

• 4-7 p.m. – Fish Fry & Roast Beef Dinner       

• 6 p.m. – Miscellaneous Auction  

Dinner includes:

Fried fish, roast beef, mashed potatoes with gravy, French fries, green beans, coleslaw, applesauce, pie, drinks, homemade soft pretzels, candy, baked goods.

Friday is an excellent time to enjoy dinner and to preview and inspect sale items that will be sold at the auction on Saturday. Browse through the large selection of furniture, quilts, and other quality items. You may see photos at https://www.facebook.com/NYHaitiBenefitAuction/photos

Saturday, June 19

• 6-9 a.m. – Breakfast                                          

• 8 a.m. – Crafts & Miscellaneous Auction                     

• 9:30 a.m. – Furniture                    

• 10 a.m. – Quilts  

• 10:30 a.m. - 2 p.m. – Lunch                        

• 1:30 p.m. – Large Items  

Breakfast includes:

Buttermilk pancakes with maple syrup, scrambled egg bar, sausage, fresh fruit, delicious homemade donuts, coffee, orange juice, and milk.

Lunch & Dinner includes:

Pork roast, barbecue chicken, subs, salad bar, salt potatoes, baked beans, homemade baked goods, homemade soft pretzels, and homemade soft ice cream.

The HBA Mission

The annual auction raises funds to improve the lives of Haitians whose island nation in the Caribbean has been beset by trouble for decades.

The Haiti Benefit Auction states that it “is a cooperative effort of many churches and individuals to bring relief to the hungry, sick, naked, and homeless of Haiti. Our ultimate goal is to bring them to Christ through providing for their physical and spiritual needs. Relief is given throughout the country of Haiti without regard to race, religion, or creed.

“Decades of political unrest and occasional tropical storms have wrecked the country and its economy to the extent that over 80% of Haitians live in abject poverty, and survive on subsistence living. The result of subsistence living creates a cortex of problems. Deforestation results from cutting trees for cooking fires, or to sell as fuel. Landslides occur as a result of deforestation, which causes viable water supplies to be lost or destroyed, resulting in sickness by consuming and utilizing impure water, and the cycle continues downward.

“These problems create a need for wells, food, housing, schooling, spiritual tutoring, orphanages, roads, clinics, etc., in any given mountain village.

“When possible, mission outposts utilize items such as sewing machines, knitting supplies, grinding mills, welders, etc. to assist in self-help teaching. Virtually all of these supplies must be imported from the U.S., which also incurs a considerable expense.”