Dundee's 'Our Town Rocks' youth events receive funding

Staff reports
The Chronicle-Express

DUNDEE — The Our Town Rocks (OTR) Health Improvement Project has been awarded $5,000.00 from the Yates Emergency Relief Fund of the Yates Community Endowment and Rochester Area Community Foundation. 


The OTR Health Improvement Project seeks to advance the health of individuals and families in the Dundee school district area by addressing the social determinants of health. OTR looks to achieve improved health through advancement of education, increased socialization, and alleviation of poverty.

After a summer devoid of almost all social interaction, OTR plans to use this funding to offer numerous summer youth and family-friendly activities under the guidance of Yates County Public Health.

Summer Drama Camp – Looking forward, OTR will be presenting a five-week Summer Drama Camp, July 5 through Aug. 21. The summer drama camps will give a number of Dundee Central School students who otherwise might not be able to attend a summer a chance to participate in a program that will provide education, socialization and fun! 

DCS Elementary music teacher Enaw Elonge will serve as camp director, and the play, “Disorder in the Court!” will be presented on YouTube on Aug. 14. Elementary students from DCS will be able to enroll in the Monday-Wednesday-Friday camp to fill the 18 individual speaking parts and the 12 non-speaking members of the jury. In addition, five or six middle school students will have the opportunity to participate as the stage crew. 

Drama Club 101 – A second club will be offered Tuesday through Thursday for 12 students and will provide basic training in drama, ”Drama 101.” This group will not have a final production, which will alleviate any stress for beginners. Students will receive an immersive theatre experience without the pressures of a final performance. Students will be able to expand their theatre and musical knowledge. Those who would can create a short final class video showcasing their favorite week’s activity.

6th Annual Night at the Museum – Each year the event offers a themed family evening event involving local history. In 2021 "Night at the Museum” on July 22 will recognize the 176th anniversary of the Dundee Volunteer Fire Department with, of course, free fire truck rides and other fire apparatus demonstrations. Also there will be a disc jockey, photo booth, games, books and ice cream for all.

Pop Ins – Throughout the summer there will be a variety of Pop-In events. Overseen by Taylor Howell, OTR literacy event coordinator, each event will feature a fun activity and a maybe a fun prize.

· July 8 - Pop in for Popsicles in the Park @ Seneca Street Park, 2-3 p.m.

· July 15 - Pop in for Art in the Park @ Seneca Street Park, noon to 2 p.m.

· Aug. 12 - Family Bingo Night @ OTR Office, 6-8 p.m.

· Aug. 16 - Pop in for Story Walk & Popcorn @ Seneca Street Park, 2-3 p.m.

For all these events, OTR thanks the Yates Emergency Relief Fund of the Yates Community Endowment and Rochester Area Community Foundation for their generous donation.