Sudden heavy storm in Penn Yan June 29

John Christensen
The Chronicle Express
Some of the largest and oldest trees were claimed in the June 29 storm, but this headstone, like many others, was amazingly spared.

Yates County Fire Departments and Emergency Management, Yates County Sheriff's Office, Penn Yan Police, Volunteer Ambulance Corps, Municipal Utilities, and NYSEG were all out assisting people effected by a sudden storm in the early evening of Tuesday, June 29.  

A line of heavy rains and high winds resulted in flooded  streets in Penn Yan, as well as downed trees and power lines called in to 911 from numerous locations, many requiring redirection of traffic. Some power outages around the county lasted well into the night.

At 5:48 p.m. PYPD responded to an accident at the intersection of Clinton and Benham Streets where a vehicle hydroplaned through the stop sign on Benham and struck a vehicle traveling on Clinton.  The Penn Yan Volunteer Ambulance Corps responded and transported a passenger to Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hospital for treatment, seemingly the only injury reported in the storm.

Penn Yan parks crews were clearing fallen trees from Lakeview Cemetery Wednesday morning.

Some of the heaviest damage was seen among the older trees of Penn Yan's two largest cemeteries, Lakeview and St. Michael's. By Wednesday morning, Penn Yan park crews were busy clearing away limbs to make ready for removing the trunks. George Fisher's Tree Service was on the scene at St. Michael's Cemetery by noon, having responded to six calls already that morning.

Despite the number and size of trees that fell, cemetery staff say it looks like few memorials suffered any severe damage.

Tree damage in Lakeview Cemetery
The sturdiest memorials were even able to survive direct hits.
Other stones were spared by mere inches.
Other stones were spared by mere inches.
The top of this massive spruce came down in St. Michael's Cemetery on Elm St.
Fisher's Trees Service arrived by noon to clear the lanes at St. Michael's Cemetery.
George Fisher (center) said they had already been on six other calls that morning.
Many trees that were not toppled in the two Elm St. cemeteries still suffered damage so severe they may need to be removed.