Middlesex Citizen Appreciation Day Aug. 1

Staff reports
The Chronicle-Express

MIDDLESEX — The Town of Middlesex will honor three long-time citizens for outstanding contributions to the community. The “Citizens Appreciation” program will take place at 2 p.m. Aug. 1 at the Middlesex Fire Department in the 17th annual event, sponsored by the Middlesex Heritage Group, the Middlesex Hose Company, and the town. 

The Honorees for 2021 are Bob Multer and Dan Paddock, with a memorial to the late Lloyd Button. In addition, a special award will be given to Paul Lee for brave, life-saving actions during a house fire.

Bob Multer

BOB MULTER is the son of Preston and Marie Multer. He attended Batavia High School, Dunwoody College ofTechnology in Minneapolis, and Finger Lakes Community College (FLCC). He is married to Nancy Stanton Multer and has three children, six grandchildren, and 14 great-grandchildren. Bob served in the U.S. Coast Guard and then worked for IBM for eight years. From 1962 to 1975, Bob owned and operated a number of businesses in the area.  

His major contributions were in governing bodies of Yates County for a total of 39 years, including the offices of county legislator and chairman, where he led in the design and building of the Yates County Court House and Office Building.  

The Town of Middlesex is especially thankful for Bob’s 30 years as town supervisor. His leadership was outstanding.

Dan Paddock

DAN PADDOCK is the son of Daniel and Freida Simmons Paddock. He attended Middlesex Valley Central School and FLCC. Dan married Jean Pelton in 1972, and they have three sons and three grandchildren. He built his first home on South Hill in 1972.  Dan has two brothers, Tim and James, and a sister, Wendy.

Dan has an extensive and impressive military career, serving in Germany while on active duty and the reserves from 1983 to 1992 as a Sergeant ES. His service to the community is also impressive. He was on the town board for over 10 years, Watershed board for five years, and on many projects including rebuilding of the Town Barns, sidewalks, and many others. Dan has also been an active member of the Baptist Church since 1980.

LLOYD BUTTON was born Oct. 4 1926 to Milford and Leona Button.  He died in April 2002. Lloyd attended Middlesex Valley High School and later married Dorothy Waterman in 1950. They had one son, Lloyd Arthur Button, in 1954, unfortunately also deceased. Among his accomplishments, Lloyd was a past chief of the Middlesex Hose Company. He was a leader and plant manager of one of the village’s main businesses, the Emerson Produce Company, which opened in 1955. Later, he was the owner of Dudley Poultry from 1963-1984.  

PAUL LEE is a long-time resident of Middlesex. In the fall of 2019, in the middle of the night, a neighboring home was ablaze and Paul witnessed the fire through his side window. He woke his wife, Donna, and she called 911 while Paul went directly to the fire scene. He was familiar with the interior of the home and entered immediately. With no protective equipment and putting himself in danger, Paul found and evacuated the couple who lived there.