Yates Co. TB & Health Assoc. awards grant for CT scanner at S&S

Finger Lakes Health

PENN YAN – The Yates County Tuberculosis and Health Association has awarded $1,000 to the Finger Lakes Health Foundation in support of the purchase and installation of a new Philips Incisive 128-Slice CT scanner system at Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hospital. 

Ranked as one of the top five medical developments in the last 50 years, Computed tomography (CT scan) has a wide variety of clinical uses for examination, detection, diagnosis and treatment planning for trauma, spinal problems and injury, cancer, pneumonia, COPD, chest and abdominal pain, vascular and kidney diseases, organ transplants and gastric bypass.

The current CT system at the hospital – the only one in Yates County – is 16-plus years old and repairs are a challenge, as replacement parts are difficult to obtain.

“As we see rising costs of acquiring and maintaining equipment exceeding the revenues we can generate, especially in more rural communities and in smaller hospital environments, we are especially thankful to have community organizations and funding sources such as the Yates County TB & Health Association,” says Lara Turbide, Vice President, Community Services and Executive Director with Finger Lakes Health Foundation.

Turbide adds, “The resources you have provided are critical to us. We are so very grateful to you for being a vital source of support this year and in past years. Thank you for your ongoing support to ensure that people in our rural communities have access to the highest level of care and for contributing to the health of Yates County.”

A new Philips Incisive 128- Slice CT scanner system will be installed at Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hospital.

Patients at Soldiers & Sailors hospital will have convenient access to the new CT system and will benefit from low dose radiation exposure, optimized image quality, fast results and improved overall experience.

The Philips Incisive CT scanner system will be installed by year end 2021 in the Diagnostic Imaging/Radiology Department on the ground floor of Soldiers & Sailors hospital, just off the main lobby.

To support the project or for more information, contact Helen Kelley: 315-787-4050 or helen.kelley@flhealth.org or donate online at: https://www.flhealth.org/make-a-donation/.