Yates Community Focus Group meeting Aug.10

Aspire Hope NY
Aspire Hope & INSYGHT

Join our meeting Aug.10 at 6 p.m. to learn how to use your voice in the Yates County INSYGHT committee meetings. This is an opportunity for families, individuals and youth to participate in our systems of care committee to improve services in Yates County.

Yates County has received funding from the State to make improvements to the services and supports available to children, youth and families. In response to community input over the last few years Yates INSYGHT was born to help improve communities access and communication overall. INSYGHT is an Inclusive Network Supporting Youth and families towards Growth, Health, and Teamwork. Yates INSYGHT has partnered with various agencies, including AspireHope NY, Inc.

AspireHope NY is a peer-governed organization focused on the needs of individuals with emotional, behavioral, substance abuse, mental, and/or developmental challenges. The Mission of AspireHope NY  is to engage individuals, families and communities in improving their own mental and physical health through services led and supported by peers who have been through relevant experiences.

Join Zoom Meeting:

https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84528942433?pwd=bTBYL1IzWFBYL1k0bGhZR3JvSzJQUT09 (shorturl.at/qyBSU)

Meeting ID: 845 2894 2433

Passcode: 778711

To make the best decisions, we need to hear your voice; Yates County community members, families, youth 13 years and up. We appreciate your time.