'Objection! Disorder in the Court!': Dundee's courtroom comedy airs Aug. 14

Staff reports

DUNDEE – Our Town Rocks Productions is proud to be returning this summer with the virtual courtroom comedy, Objection! Disorder in the Court! A talented cast and crew of 14 students have been working diligently since mid-July to transform the Dundee Central School auditorium into a cutthroat courtroom.

Objection! Disorder in the Court! will air on Facebook Live Aug. 14.

Three murders have shaken the residence of Berseksville, N.Y. Brie Cottage, Pepper Jackson, and Greta Feta have all lost their lives to a mysterious killer. With a case based purely on being in the wrong place at the wrong time prosecution lawyer, Mr. Scammerton, believes he has this case in the bag. He assembles an eclectic list of witnesses ranging in credibility from Professor Puffle, an eyewitness to one of the crimes, to Glen Chatter, town gossip. A twisted tale of "he said she said" could leave the defendant, Casey Licit, in hot water. As she pleads her innocence to the Honorable Judge Falter her not so poignant lawyer, Mr. Flops, almost ruins the case.

Who’s telling the truth? Who’s lying? Who murdered the victims? You’ll have to tune in to the Our Town Rocks Facebook page and event page Saturday, Aug. 14 to get the whole story. 

Produced by special arrangement with Pioneer Drama Service Inc., Objection! Disorder in the Court! will leave you equal parts confused and amused!