4-H recognizes 'Summer Spectacular Youth' participants

Jen Clancy, 4-H and Human Ecology Team Leader
Ginny Savage, Jacob Martens, and Leila Martens – 4-H Dairy Judging Contest participants.

YATES COUNTY – The past year and a half has taught us all to be flexible, adaptive, and to make the very best out of each situation. Many of our Yates County 4-H members did just that this past summer, as county fair events shifted to a summer-long spectacular showcase.

4-H members, parents, staff, and volunteers came together this summer to help 4-H members display and highlight the skills and knowledge gained through the past year’s project work. 4-H project judging, animal science shows, and knowledge contests were all part of this year’s festivities. Congratulations to the following youth for their efforts and accomplishments and a special thank you to our 4-H parents, volunteers, and community members who helped make this year’s events a success.

4-H Exhibit Judging – July 26

This year’s projects ranged from cookies and homegrown vegetables to paintings, drawings, garden focaccia bread, monarch butterfly feeders, woven art, dog treats, container gardens, preserved jam, pet beds, and more. Exhibitors included Brenna Hathway, Greyson Hathway, Alex Hoffman, Audrey Hoffman, Jacob Martens, Leila Martens, Ramona Mills, Launy Redman, Ginny Savage, Maddie Smith, and James Smith.

To add some excitement to this year’s events, Yates County 4-H created and awarded five Outstanding Exhibit Rosettes. Youth taking this honor include Greyson Hathway (Paper Mache Chicken and Chicken Trading Cards), James Smith (Grayscale Manga Style Drawing), Ramona Mills (Educational Poultry Story), and Brenna Hathway (Flag Painting). Each of these projects received a Special 2021 Yates County 4-H Spectacular Rosette and will be eligible for exhibition in the 2022 N.Y. State Fair.

A special thank you to this year’s Exhibit Hall judges for working with our youth and sharing comments and feedback -- Kathy Waye, Carlie Bossard, Ann Meyer Wilbur, Brittany Griffin, and Liz Demaria.

4-H Animal Science exhibitors also had the opportunity to showcase their project animals and highlight their species knowledge in skillathon style events held throughout the summer.

Ramona Mills – 4-H Rabbit Show

Rabbit Show, July 16

Master Showman – Brenna Hathway

Reserve Master Showman – Leila Martens

Best of Breed Holland Lop – Brenna Hathway

Best of Breed Dutch – Greyson Hathway

Best of Breed Mini Rex – Ginny Savage

Best of Breed Polish – Ramona Mills

Grand Champion Pet – Leila Martens

Best of Show – Ramona Mills

Rabbit Science Decathlon Champion – Leila Martens

Dairy Cattle Show, July 16

Master Showman – Ginny Savage

Reserve Master Showman – Jacob Martens

Grand Champion Holstein – Leila Martens

Grand Champion Guernsey – Ginny Savage

Grand Champion Jersey – Jacob Martens

Best of Show – Leila Martens

Dairy Cattle Judging Contest Champion – Ginny Savage

Goat Show, July 30

Master Showman – Maddie Smith

Reserve Master Showman – Ginny Savage

Grand Champion Nubian – Ginny Savage

Grand Champion LaMancha – Ginny Savage

Best of Show Dairy Goat – Ginny Savage

Grand Champion Full Blood Boer – Ginny Savage

Grand Champion Percentage Boer – Ginny Savage

Grand Champion Meat Goat – Maddie Smith

Best of Show Meat Goat – Maddie Smith

Grand Champion Caprine Science Knowledge Contest – Maddie Smith

Dog Show, Aug. 8

First placed exhibitors included:

Grooming and Handling B – Maddie Smith

Rally Novice A – Brisco Smith

Rally Novice B – James Smith

Canine Science Knowledge Contest – Brisco Smith

Poultry Show, Aug. 10

Grand Champion Showman – Brenna Hathway

Reserve Champion Showman – Greyson Hathway

Grand Champion Mediterranean – James Smith

Grand Champion Other Non-Standard – Greyson Hathway

Reserve Champion Other Standard – Launy Redman

Best of Show – Greyson Hathway

Grand Champion Poultry Science Knowledge Contest – Launy Redman

A fall 4-H Horse Show will wrap up this year’s 4-H Spectacular events. Stay tuned for results and additional information on 4-H Equine Science opportunities.

A special thank you to this year’s animal science judges who worked with Yates County 4-H to share their knowledge and experience with our youth – Jodi Hartman (Rabbit and Dog), Bob Whitney (Poultry), Deb Borden (Goat), and Barb Young (Dairy). Brittany Griffin (Yates County CCE Program Administrative Assistant) and Brennan Dailey (Youth Development Summer Intern) with also monumental in organizing and carrying out this year’s events. Lastly, a big thank you goes out to the Yates County Agricultural Society for continuing to support the Yates County 4-H program and for allowing us to hold events at the county fairgrounds.

A new 4-H year starts Oct. 1. For more information about how you can become involved in 4-H, please contact Cornell Cooperative Extension of Yates County at 315-536-5123, jja26@cornell.edu, or visit us online at http://yates.cce.cornell.edu/4-h-youth. Cornell University Cooperative Extension provides equal program and employment opportunities.